Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kellen's 4 Month Appt.

Today was Kellen's 4 month checkup. Here are the stats:

Weight: 14 lbs, 10.5 ounces (37%)
Height: 25 1/2" (64%)
Head Circumference: 42 (36%)

Apparently Kellen does not care for nurses, the doctor or the doctor's office in general. He was a really happy baby in the waiting room, but as soon as the nurse started measuring his head and touching him, he screamed. He did not like her! He screamed through the entire checkup from the doctor, and of course he cried when he got his shots. But when he was in my arms and not looking at the nurse or doctor, he was happy as could be! I guess he's just my little momma's boy right now (and I love it).

Quinn did really well in the office too. I'm always a little nervous taking both kids because it can be pretty hectic. The doctor is trying to talk to you while you're trying to corral a toddler. I'm not that great at multitasking so it can be a challenge. But she did good. She even helped the doctor with the tools by handing them to her. I had to laugh when Kellen got his band-aid on his leg. Quinn ripped that sucker off to look at it. I had to grab it from her and put it back on his poor little thigh.


Cheryl said...

Not fair to post this and not tell us how he's doing!!!! I assume he's doing fine!

Sarah and Drew said...

Levi loathed the doctor too! We were just making headway before we had to move. And yes, taking two kids to the doctor stinks!Yay Quinn!

Anonymous said...

When I took Jackson in for shots when he was that age, Cole had just turned 2. The appt. went great till the shots...then Cole hid under the chair screaming and Jackson cried from his shots and probably Cole freaking out! I've tried to never go alone since!! :)

Madge said...

I really enjoy hearing about the antics of these little guys - they make me chuckle all day!!!
I'm not quite sure how - but, I really never had any help with my three kids - going shopping, doctor appointments, etc. I just never thought about doing it any other way. I know I always had a tale to tell and a laugh to be had - which helps to put it all in perspective I suppose.
- Leslie, too bad you didn't have that doctor's visit filmed - it would be so much fun to look back on!! ;)

Keep up the great work girls - you are doing great!!!