Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Adventures

Today is blog post day, apparently. Both kiddos are sleeping so I'm taking quick advantage to catch up.

Christmas was great. Christmas was fantastic. Christmas wiped us out. We are still recovering around here and it's been almost a week.

We made the trek to Nebraska first this year since last year's blizzard canceled our trip there entirely. This year, nothing was stopping us! We left after Jason got off work and stayed in Salina, KS the first night. No way were we attempting another 14 hour drive after our Thanksgiving trip. Of course we hit freezing rain after Wichita. I know I'm going to take slack for this but the midwest in winter might just be the bowels of hell if you ask me. We hit the crummiest weather every. single. Christmas. trip. there. I'm not kidding.

The freezing rain this year was especially fun. We had already been on the road about 6 hours with the kids with multiple stops to change diapers and feed children. Then the rain comes. No big deal. Then the weather plummets and you see cars in the ditches, off the roads, rammed into one another. Semi's were jack-knifed, even a 2 semi accident blocking the entire road at one point. We got to weave through that one to get through. Ambulance drivers were slowly driving along the highway with their flashlights to the ditch looking for cars that had called themselves in. It was scary! Jason was white knuckled driving 40 miles an hour just praying that we didn't hit a patch of ice and go off the road.

Then we see a mid-sized truck coming quickly from behind us. He passed us and tried to get back into our lane. That's when he lost control. I've never seen a truck cross over the road and back so many times. 6? 7? times he went back and forth across the highway trying to regain control. He finally hit a patch of grass that flung him across the road right in front of us onto the opposite side of the highway ditch. Jason had to slowly bring the car to a stop so we wouldn't collide while he was flying all over the place. And his first instinct is to get out and make sure the guy is okay. But we didn't dare. With 2 babies in the back on an icy highway, you just cannot stop. Cars are still coming and we cannot risk colliding with them. Since the man's truck was still right side up and he hadn't hit anything, we figured the worst damage he had was dirty underwear and screwed up alignment. So we kept moving.

We finally made it to Salina for the night. The next morning we made it to Grand Island where we got to celebrate Christmas with my sister and her family along with my mom and dad and grandpa and uncle Bruce. Christmas morning this year was so much fun. Wyatt is 3 1/2 and Quinn and Bella are 2. So they all have an idea of what Christmas is and especially what to do with presents. CHAOS! Complete and utter chaos. So much fun! Kellen sat quietly in mommy's lap and enjoyed the view.

The nights were a bit tougher being away from home. Kellen slept next to me in a pack n play. Every single sound he made I could hear, all night long. And since we didn't want to wake up the toddlers, every little fuss he made mommy was sure to give him a binky. This went on the whole week, even through KC. So his sleeping got worse and worse each night.

And of course you know about our friend, the deer. But we made the trip to KC just fine with the car. Christmas there was so much fun too. Addison is 3 and Cassidy is almost 1. We just let the kids go at it. Chaos again! Quinn was so funny. Her shirt was super dirty from supper so Grandma had her open a specific present first (it had clothes). Quinn opened it slowly and then started throwing the clothes behind her like she was looking for the toys. We laughed. So grandma gave her another present to open. This one had the cutest cowboy boots in it. Quinn threw those over her shoulder too, as if looking for the toys in the box. I couldn't believe it, too funny!

We got to hang out with Alexa and the girls every day which was so much fun. Also got to see all our aunts and uncles, Jason's grandpa and cousins. Chris and Emma were still in KC too which was a treat. They were supposed to fly back to Virginia on Sunday but because of the east coast snow storm they were there until Wednesday. Lucky us! Emma is so big, cannot believe that a 7 year old can be so mature, seriously. For those of you that made it to our wedding in Mexico, Emma was the little ring bearer. I'll have to get a picture on here, she is so big!

Okay, so two mornings in a row the car battery was dead. After the second time we discovered the deer had left a hole in it. Okay, easy to replace. We made it to Perry, OK on our way home to stay the night. Only pulled over twice by highway patrol. Luckily, warnings each time. (did you know it's illegal to not have a headlight in the daytime? We didn't)

And finally, we made it to Dallas last Sunday night. So this week we've been recovering much needed sleep. Kellen was up every single hour the first night. That was tough. But he's getting better each night. So for all those weeks of training, it took one week to throw it out the window. But that's alright, we're getting back on track.

I'll have to get photos up of Christmas when I can. Guess who's awake from his nap?!


Angie said...

Glad to hear you had a safe journey! I cannot imagine logging that many hours in a car with 2 kiddos... I've been putting off driving to Des Moines with just one... I bow down to your patience! Sounds like your Christmas was fantastic and I hope your New years was as well!

Sarah and Drew said...

Thanks for getting this up. You are too funny! I also can't imagine the scary winter wonderland drive! We have a snow day here in AR with only 3 inches, which seems crazy that it's enough to keep you home. Oh well I like having Drew here more!

Anonymous said...

I know it was a pain and exhausting, but it was great to have you all here for Christmas.

grandpa Y

Madge said...

So good to hear about your Christmas. We were back in NE for a couple of days to see Liam. Wish we could have met up. Have a great new year!!