Monday, December 13, 2010

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby

Can I get a hallelujah! Have you read 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby' by Dr. Marc Weissbluth? I'd heard of it. I had never opened it... until yesterday. I'm already a fan.

Last week Kellen started getting up more frequently in the middle of the night. Since I had a super nasty head cold (and body cold), my thera flu drugged out state didn't permit me to get up with the baby like I usually do. So Jason helped me out. Well, we do things differently. I have no problem letting a baby "cry it out" when needed. But Jason prefers to stick food in his mouth and call it good. Since I wasn't the one getting up, who am I to say what he can and cannot do?

Then on Friday night, Kellen didn't sleep at all. That's not totally true, he'd get 45 minutes here and there. I did not sleep at all. Nor did we sleep on Saturday night. By Sunday, I was groggily googling everything I could find on "3 month baby not sleeping". And this book popped up with lots of discussions by other moms experiencing the exact same thing.

Now I don't have lots of time to read books right now. But I was able to sneak in a couple chapters that I thought would pertain to my situation. And basically, the nuggets of information I took away from it were to put him to bed after his 6pm feeding and to let him feed during the night if he wants to. It's perfectly normal for a 3 month old breast fed baby to still eat once or twice during the night. And since I keep comparing everything to how it was with Quinn, I struggle. But Quinn had mostly formula. And I didn't remember when I took her 9pm bottle away.

So after he ate at 5:30, I put him down when he started getting groggy. That was at 6:15pm. He didn't wake up to eat until 11:30! And then he slept until 3am. And THEN! He slept until the unheard of time of 7:15am!!!!! So folks, while this wasn't a ton of sleep for momma, it was more than the previous two nights and enough sleep to make my baby one happy fellow when he woke up! Can I get a fist pump?!!

We're on night number two and we'll see how it goes. But I'm already encouraged.


Katie said...

Not to throw more info on you, but with Gabe he'd lay down around 7pm and Andy and I would want to be in bed around 10:30. Rather than wait for him to wake up at 11:30 and request to nurse I would 'twilight' feed him. Go into his room before I went to bed(10:30ish. While he was still asleep I'd nurse him. It allowed me to get a larger chunk of continuous sleep.
You're a champ, I never did any of this with a head cold/body cold!

Angie said...

I'm with katie about the twilight nursing right before you go to bed. It gives baby just enough to top them off even though they are drowsy and it gets you a few more much needed hours of sleep. The good news? It's good for everyone! With Jules, it made a world of difference! Otherwise I would find myself waiting till she woke up, nursed and then I went to bed.. not the best way to catch some much needed zzzz's!

Sarah and Drew said...

I loved this book too (w/Levi)! It was really sound advice and didn't seem impossible to implement. Both of my boys naturally wanted to sleep earlier so when we realized that it really helped out the evenings! I hope Kellen is still doing better and that you are too!