Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Sleeping ~ 2nd Post

Update on Kellen's sleep habits in case you're curious. I've been sticking with the rule that he goes to bed after his approximate 6pm feeding. The first couple of nights he continued to wake up around midnight and 4am to feed. Then ultimately waking up after 7am. I was okay with this as he was getting plenty of sleep to make him a happy baby.

This weekend Jason agreed to help me out by taking over the midnight feeding. He woke up again for a 4am feeding but I had read in the book that the baby should be able to hold out until 6am. So I applied this theory and gave him his binkie instead of feeding him the bottle. He went right back to sleep! He ended up waking up at 6:30 for the day but that was fine by me.

So here's the greatest part. Saturday night he slept through the night. He didn't wake up once! He finally woke up at 6:30am. By that point, I'd already been up for an hour thinking he'd be up at any time. Maybe it's just a fluke though. I bet Sunday night he'll be up all night... right?

He slept through the night again folks! I had some trouble getting him down initially. Not sure what the deal was, he was plenty tired. But by 8:30pm, he was still screaming so I just gave him more food. He went right to sleep and slept until 6am!

The goal is to get him to sleep from 7-7. So we're still sleep training. But for now, I'm thrilled.


Anonymous said...

This might be considered a Christmas present for you and Jason.

See ya soon,

Grandpa Y

maggie said...

awesome! i am a firm believer in sleep training! it makes for a happy baby and thus a happy mommy!

Angie said...

Yeah sleep! Reading your post reminds me how wonderfully spoiled Julia has made Jason and I... if I'm ever blessed with a second I'm terrified of the reality check we'll be facing!!!!