Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kellen and Quinn are Doing Great

So yesterday was quite the day. Considering one child had minor surgery and the other received 3 shots for her 2 year appt with the pediatrician, it was relatively easy.

Monday night Quinn had a hacking cough that I thought for sure was croup. We gave her a steam bath and left the humidifier on in her room over night which seemed to help a lot. Then yesterday there was very little coughing. Jas told me the doctor cleared her of anything more than just a cold.

Kellen did great with his surgery. I had to take him by myself because Jason needed to stay with Quinn at the house and take her to the pediatrician's office for her 2 year appt. Kellen was scheduled for his 2 month also but of course will have to make that up another time. Jason said Quinn fought pretty hard when getting her shots, the nurse even commented how strong she is which doesn't surprise me. Her stats are: HT: 37 3/4" (99%), WT: 33 1/4 lbs (97%). I'm kind of glad I didn't have to be there for her shots this time. I was dreading it with her being 2 now and knowing what is going on.

On the other hand, I had to watch my 2 month old baby be wheeled into surgery. Not sure it's such a great tradeoff. I was doing really well until we were in the surgery prep room. As I was trying to calm him down because he was so hungry, I started rocking and singing silent night to him. In the middle of it I teared up and couldn't even get the words out. I just started choking on my words and my eyes started to fill with tears. I'm not sure what got to me but it did. Just looking into his big brown eyes and knowing that they were going to put him under was too much at that time. But I pulled myself together and continued to rock him. Eventually I changed songs and was able to calm him to sleep.

The surgery took about an hour with all the prep and clean up. Doctor told me that he did not have a fistula, just a very large abscess that he cleaned out. There is a chance that a fistula can form in the future but he doesn't seem to think that's very likely. I really hope it's not because then we have to go through all of this again.

We did get to come home last night instead of staying in the hospital. Usually they keep babies under 3 months of age overnight but the anesthesiologist cleared us to head home. I'm thankful for that much.

When we got home, Quinn greeted us with nothing on but a tshirt, diaper and 3 tweety bird bandaids on her chubby toddler legs. She ran up to me and gave me the longest, tightest hug. Although she's been giving out hugs and kisses much more frequently, they're not usually this long or tight. I'll probably remember that hug the rest of my life.

Today is going pretty well, overall. Quinn has a cold with stuffy nose and cough. I'm definitely coming down with something... body aches and such. And of course Kellen is in pain everytime he has to go to the bathroom. At least he's almost immediately better and calm after it's cleaned up. But when you cluster feed, you go to the bathroom more often which then hurts more often which makes you want comfort and food more often.... well, you get the cycle. I just hope Jason doesn't get a cold or any kind of sickness, I need his strength right now.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. God watched over my babies as He always does.


Sarah and Drew said...

Thanks for the update! I hope you feel better soon too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update honey, I didn't want to call with all that was going on. Our prayers were answered and I know you will all be better shortly. Love you so much.

Grandpa Y

Fred and Heather said...

What a day! Wish you were closer so I could be there to help! What a pain. I love you guys and we're thinking about you!

Madge said...

If I remember correctly - you take the child's height at 2yrs and double it and that is how tall they will be when grown.
That makes Quinn over 6'1" - WOW!!!