Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Quinn!!

Today is Quinn's 2nd birthday. We cannot believe that she is already two. You hear all the time how fast they grow and it is so true. I remember two years ago, in the hospital room, listening to the presidential election results and waiting to welcome my baby girl into the world. And here we are, 2010, a little girl so full of life and spunk that we find ourselves giggling at everything she does, including when she's naughty!

Jason and I marvel every day at her accomplishments and actions. She is amazing. Smart, sweet, sassy, you name it. Her smile never fails to melt our hearts. Her laugh is infectious. I hardly remember the time before she was in our lives.


Daddy and I are incredibly proud of you. Your sweet disposition, with all your hugs and kisses, is everything a parent hopes for in their baby. Smart too. You constantly amaze us with your physical abilities, your comprehension and your wit. Every parent hopes that their child will turn out smart and beautiful, and you encompass both qualities to the fullest. You're a wonderful big sister to Kellen. You love to help mommy and daddy take care of him by giving him his binkie, getting his blankets and helping mommy quiet him down when he doesn't feel good. You love to hold his bottle and give him kisses on his tiny little head. He's so lucky to have you for a big sister.

At this point in your life, you are daddy's little girl. You mimic his every action and he loves it. You are so completely a mini version of your father. When he cooks, fixes things around the house, does laundry, etc... you are right on his heels copying every move. It could not be sweeter. Watching you use the measuring tape, just like daddy, or work in the yard with him, copying how he walks, bends, laughs, makes for the fondest memories. You run around the house with your hands cupped to your mouth yelling out "daddy!" when you can't find him. When he comes home from work you run to him and give him the biggest hugs your little arms are capable of. I hear you giggling the deepest belly laugh you can muster when you play. You've made your father a human jungle gym and you love to walk around the house in his shoes.

Happy birthday baby girl. We love you more than you can ever imagine.

mommy, daddy & Kellen


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Quinn! We love You!
Leslie, Brian, Cole, Jackson, and Emily

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to a little girl. When she grows up, I hope she understands what a wonderful mom and dad she has. God gave you a special gift and you are bringing her up to be a wonderful young lady. Always remember how special they are, enjoy every day and never forget what a special gift you were given.
I always remember that about my two little girls. They have grown up to be outstanding women, wives and mothers. I couldn't have asked for more. God bless your entire family. I love you all so much.


Grandpa Randy

Cheryl said...

She is so lucky to have such loving parents! Happy 2nd birthday Quinny. Grandma Yoder loves you so much!

Grandma Y

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!

Madge said...

Very nicely put Hilary!

Happy 2nd Birthday Quinn!