Friday, October 8, 2010

Some photos to catch you up

Kellen was born 4 weeks ago yesterday. Does it strike anyone else how quickly that time has passed?! Jason and I are amazed that he is almost 1 month old (tomorrow!!) and it seems like I was pregnant just yesterday. I cannot believe how fast time is truly flying by.

He is still a great, terrific, sweet, angelic baby. Some fussiness rears its head at times but usually holding him, singing to him and just hanging out calms his anxiety. Maybe it's true that boys really are more cuddly babies!

Now that his weight is good, we're able to skip a feeding at night. Not that he's willing to, we're just allowed to. So every night I aim to get at least 4 hours in between feedings. The last two nights he seems to cluster feed around 7:30 but then sleeps until about midnight. Last night he ate at 10pm but then slept until 2:30!! Which means mommy did too! I feel great at 6am when he wakes to feed again. I'm more than willing to stay up and get some "me time" in before everyone else wakes up. This usually includes a DVR show, coffee or tea and a blanket on the couch with no screaming or talking by anyone. It's pretty great.

So in no particular order, here are some photos of what's been going on around here:

Quinn got a cozy coup. She loves this thing and rides it all over the house. What are hardwoods for if not to ride your car on?

Sean and Whitney came by one Saturday for bbq and to hang out.
My dad was here with us then, too. This is Grant and Quinn having a snack.

This is my sweet baby boy giving me a funny little look!

Quinn received some new outfits from cousin Kirby and aunt Karen.
So we had a fashion show!

This is the first week home. Both Jason and Kellen are worn out!

Quinn is such a daddy's girl right now. She loves him so much she practically clings to him. Between yelling his name all over the house, running around trying to find him and climbing all over him like he's playground equipment, she also loves to wear his shoes!


Anonymous said...

So glad I could be there for a few days to enjoy all of you. Can't wait to get back again. Love you all!

Grandpa Y

Madge said...

Thanks for catching us up! Looks like you are all settling in. As always love the pictures.
Love, Madge