Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New look!

So I needed a new look for the blog. I would love to have a photo of both Quinn and Kellen but those don't really exist yet. I guess the family photo below is about the only one we have. And while I love that photo of the 4 of us, I don't want it as the header.

Since Quinn has graced the page for awhile, I figured I'd give Kellen his turn to shine :) Hope you like the new look.

In other news...

I made pumpkin bread last night with brown butter glaze. O.H. M.Y.!!! That stuff is good! The bread recipe is from food.com and uses applesauce instead of oil and butter. however, warning(!), it made 6 small loaves. That's fine if I was going to a social gathering. But for our little family of 4, one loaf would have been fine. Two would have been delicious, 6 is pushing it. I guess it's a great way to meet the neighbors.

And the brown butter glaze? Have you guys ever made it before? It's easy, you have the ingredients in your fridge and it's ADDICTIVE!!! Where you save calories and fat in the bread you more than make up for in the glaze. Sorry, it just had to be this way!

Here are the recipes: Brown Butter Glaze and Bread


maggie said...

can't wait to try the bread. love the picture for the new look. so adorable.

Sarah and Drew said...

The picture is adorable (loved the announcement too!). You do good work!