Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Benzel Family Visit & Home Improvements

We have been super busy around here the last couple of weeks. So let's play catch up!
First up: has anyone spotted the crayon monster? He attacked my sweet baby girl!

We also did some home improvements. We finally had the front of the interior house painted. Here is one room shown. (It's not the same wall shown but the same room):


We also redid the back patio and put in a stamped cement


Then last week Heather and her family came to visit. The girls played quite a bit. Bella showed Quinn how to play with dolls and to feed them bottles. Quinn also loved following Wyatt around, she found him to be very fascinating!

Bella absolutely LOVES Kellen and wanted to play with him, hold him and feed him a bottle!

The safety town at our fire station held a free trick or treating event on Friday night. We dressed the kids up and went out. Wyatt was the black transformer

Quinn was originally supposed to be Dora the witch but we couldn't find her hat (and still can't). So she got to be a Harley Davison biker babe. Bella was dressed as a cheerleader!

Unfortunately, it rained quite a bit on friday night and with Kellen being so young and getting over a cold we decided to head home instead. Quinn didn't mind, she got to jump in all the puddles on the way to the car. The Benzels however had an umbrella and braved the rainstorm. They got to trick or treat and have lots of fun at Safety Town!

And as part of their visit we went to Ikea. They wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I figured it'd be a good place to wear the kids out one morning. It worked out well. During lunch time they sat at their table and watched a cartoon right in the cafeteria while the adults got to actually sit and eat. Miracle!

We had a lot of fun with them here. It's a blessing to have a home that can handle a 3 1/2 year old, 2 two year olds, a 6 week old and four adults. There was plenty of room for everyone to go wild and the kids did! They were so much fun and we had plenty of laughs. I have some videos from the visit that I'll try to upload soon. Wyatt singing old mcdonald is priceless.


Anonymous said...

What a great update! It looks like everyone had a great time and the kids got to spend time together, getting to know each other.

Grandpa Y

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than playing with cousins!
Love You Guys!

Madge said...

What an awesome time the kids must have had!! They are all so cute! And I agree with Leslie - cousins are wonderful!

Deb said...

Loving that new patio!! How the heck are you handling home improvements right now?!! We are barely staying afloat at our place! ;) xoxoxoxo