Monday, September 6, 2010

No Baby....Yet

I'm still pregnant. The widget says 8 days to go and we're starting to feel like it's never going to happen. I remember feeling this way with Quinn as well. So yesterday we threw an impromptu bbq with a few friends. Jason and I cleaned the entire house top to bottom. We put shelving and decorations up in Quinn's room. I even carried the rocking chair from our room on the first floor up the stairs into the baby's room. We put a few decorations up around the house and then cooked up some great food. I didn't sit down yesterday to rest until later at night to chat with everyone. I cleaned bathrooms, countertops, carpet, wood floors, windows and even got my office straightened out.

After all that, we both thought maybe that would force the baby out. But no. he's content hanging out.

Quinn did get her first fat lip yesterday. She tripped on our living room rug (I think) and went face first into a little chair of hers by the wall. The skin was hanging from her lip and she kept rubbing her little face while crying and smearing the blood all over. No mama wants to see her baby's face with blood all over it. But being the big strong girl that she is, she got over it quickly. She even grabbed a tomato right after and began biting into it. I think she thought it was an apple though because after she broke through the skin she threw it to the ground.

I'll try to keep you updated on baby's progression. Either way, it'll be soon!

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Madge said...

I remember those last few days before the big events . . . such torture! You are so anxious to meet your new bundle of joy AND tired of being pregnant.
It won't be long!! I'm excited for you guys!