Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do You Like Jello??

I'm getting a bit nostalgic and nesting a lot lately. I've got all these ideas I want to make sure I take care of before, during and after the birth of our new baby boy. So I've been trying to capture more photos and video of Quinn, the pregnancy and eventually the baby.

Here are two photos of Quinn at the storytime/ puppet show we took her to. I haven't taken her to too many events like this because her attention span is so short. She really loves physical activity but sitting still (unless it's watching Dora) just isn't something she's good at yet.

And I didn't get it on camera but she bumped into the table hard enough that it knocked her onto her bottom. She sat there for a minute, dazed, before getting right back up and going king kong on the table, trying to beat it up. That's when Jason and I started laughing, packed up our things and snuck out. All the other kids were intently watching the story teller while ours was screaming and fighting back at the table that was clearly in HER way!

Here is another video of Quinn having fun with jello. This is what I love about her age!


Cheryl said...

Too funny! WHERE do you find that music?!? She's so cute.

Sarah and Drew said...

Honestly, I'd have a hard time listening to a lady in an Elmo shirt with red running pants! Yikes!

Madge said...

that was so very cute!! Quinn is just a doll!