Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello... Blogworld?!

Okay, okay... so I dropped off the face of the blogworld these past few weeks. If you're kind enough to check the blog once in awhile, you're probably sick of the lucky charms picture (although secretly have been buying it too... am I right?!)

On a sidenote: has anyone heard the delicious rumor that Fruity Pebbles is making a cereal with marshmallows? If you've spotted it, let me know where b/c I can't find it.

Okay, back to the post.

Jason was giving me a hard time tonight about my blog neglect so I figured I'd march my ever growing behind up the stairs, into the office and upload some photos. You know, so that you're aware we're still alive and doing well.

This is a quick photo of Quinn passing out over her lunch. She got up early that morning, about 5am, and then couldn't hang on until noon for her nap.

Since we've moved to Frisco, we've discovered some pretty cool places to hang out during the day. One of these (there are actually about 3 or 4 in town) is a splash park. It's free to anyone and the kiddos can just run around. Quinn loved it and I was able to take a seat and just watch her while she had fun.

this is the coolest photo. Makes me smile every time

I finally had dad and Jason take some pictures of me at 35 weeks so that it doesn't go undocumented. Dad got some photos that, while unflattering, are probably more accurate as to what I look like on a daily basis. Here is one of them

Not sure if you can see the dark circles under my eyes or the lovely "mask of pregnancy" that has covered my face. Either way, whatever. I bounced back the first time, I'm determined to do it again. Either that or start saving for plastic surgery now...

Now this next one is much more frightful and I'll probably regret posting it. In fact, if it disappears in the future, do not be surprised. But baby boy was pushing hard against the front of my stomach and it was so fake looking that I had Jas take a picture. Please note, I'm measuring full term in size of belly. If it gets any bigger, I will topple forward.

Can you say carrying low?
Notice the baby gear ready for baby behind me. This is in our master bedroom. Perfect for a bassinet!

It hardly looks real. I will say though, b/c of the way I'm carrying this pregnancy, I was at the paint store yesterday asking a guy for help. He came around the corner and when I turned around he had a look of surprise on his face. He asked me how far along I was and I told him I had a month left. He said when he walked up he didn't know I was pregnant until I turned around and BAM!!! belly. I told him he made a pregnant woman's day!

Last week my dad was in town to help out. And help out he did! Quinn was spoiled rotten with attention (and a few gifts). My car has new oil, our internet is correctly set up (thank you to the neighbor we've been stealing it from), the baby's room is painted and set up, the bushes are trimmed, the dishes were washed every night (whoo hoo!!) and there are plenty of other things he helped with but my hands are already getting tired from the fast typing!

Here we are at Ikea. We've been wanting a shelf they sell for the baby's room. Ikea is such a large store that I just cannot get through it by myself, much less if Quinn is with me. So I enlisted dad's help to go there. We grabbed some breakfast in the food court area before letting Quinn play. Here dad is helping her while I tested out the integrity of some of the kiddo chairs. Turns out, they can hold a lot of weight.

So the first night dad shows up he asks me how Quinn is sleeping. I knew, even as I was saying it, that I shouldn't jinx it by telling how well she sleeps through the night. Of course she woke up wide eyed at 4am. So I took her downstairs to lay on the couch with me while I went back to sleep. When I woke up, she had her dad on the floor with her and her face buried in the floor/pillows.

This picture was taken from the stairs. Yes, Jason has a bear rug on top of his head.

and here is the close up of her strange sleeping position

We treated ourselves to some Ihop on dad's last morning in town. Quinn loves to wear daddy's hats

That's about all of the photos I've taken recently. I need to do better, I know. It's hard to snap photos when you're sleeping though.

So here we are, I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and only one month left before the arrival of our son. I still think he's coming early and apparently Jason does too. I called him today but didn't leave a message when he didn't answer. When he called back, he told me he had to head southwest of Fort Worth for a customer and wanted to make sure I wasn't in labor before heading that far away from me. I guess we both have it in our heads that this baby could come at any time. Now, if he holds on for dear life and we have to force him out, my posts may get grumpier and grumpier as I'm pretty uncomfortable right now. But we'll see how this all plays out. Just think, if he stays in the womb for one more week, he'll be pretty well full grown!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you all again and to meet my new grandson. What a hoot that will be. Loved my time there, wish I lived a lot closer.

Dad Y

Sarah and Drew said...

Love the pics of Quinny! Also love the belly pics too. I still think _____n Rocket or _____n Bullet may be the perfect middle name for baby boy!

Can't wait for our weekend visits down the road! Woo hoo!

Angie said...

You look fantastic lady! I wish we were closer so that we could help you out with the sleep time. I cannot imagine how busy Quinn is keeping you along with getting settled in the new home. Speaking of Quinn, she's grown so much and looks so tall! She's got to be such a hoot to be around!

kristy said...

you look great, Hil! CAn't wait to hear that news that baby boy is here!