Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did I read that right?!

14 days to go? Is that what the widget says?

Well, I believe it. My stomach is H.U.G.E.

I'm torn though. I've been through labor, delivery and the first week with a new baby before. I'm excited to experience labor and delivery again hoping that all goes as well and smoothly as the first time. But I'm freaking out about the first week which was a huge shock and really hard for me. I mean no sleep.... at all. For days (weeks, months? I don't even remember!).

But maybe this time I'm more used to it since I know more of what to expect. Or maybe it'll be completely different. I just pray Lord that it's not harder since I have two babies to take care of. I pray that I have the energy to do it all and to relish the experience.

So here's to 38 weeks, 14 days left and the fact that we could be welcoming our new son into the world at literally ANY MOMENT!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait honey. Love you, Dad

Deb said...

I am having many of the same thoughts. Although, I should probably brush up on some labor & delivery techniques. :)

You'll do great, don't worry! I only wish we were closer so we could help each other out! xoxoxo

Madge said...

You know Hil, I often wonder how I made it! I had no one come to help me AND I was only 17 years old!
I think the key is to not over-think it. Take it one moment at a time and keep your sense of humor!

Oh . . . and when the kids sleep - YOU sleep!! And when Jason's home . . . YOU sleep! And when a friend stops by . . . . YOU sleep!