Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation Up North

My cousin Tanja and her 3 kiddos met up with us for some fun

Last week we headed to Nebraska and KC to visit family. We stopped in Nebraska first and got to see Wyatt and Bella whom we haven't seen since last Thanksgiving!

Proud Grandpa
Grandma reading to her three little ones
Pool Time
Quiet time with coloring

We also took Bella, Wyatt and Quinn to the zoo in Lincoln. Jason and I took them by ourselves so my sister could get some sorely needed rest. It started out pretty good trying to walk around and wrangle them but thank the Lord that my mom showed up early on to help out. We lost Quinn at one point and then Bella ran off another time. Luckily, they were really right by us, just "hiding". This toddler stage is very, very challenging!

Here is Bella showing uncle Bruce her "angry eyes" while fireworks are going off in the background

We also got to see my cousins Leslie, DJ, their families and my aunt and uncle. My grandpa came to visit us on the 4th and we met up with him and Bruce for breakfast our last morning as well. It was a very busy trip and we had hoped to meet up with some friends but didn't have the time. That's how it usually goes when we're back. It's so full of family activities that unless we're there a whole week we can't fit it all in.

We did get to see Jason's good buddy Rob and his family. They just moved to Lincoln from KC and are currently redoing a new home they bought. They met up with us at the zoo since Rob gets to be a stay at home dad right now.

I will have to post separately for the KC leg of the trip!

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Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you. Thanks for taking time to meet up with everybody, they really enjoyed seeing you. Love you dearly.