Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pregnancy Craving

Lucky Charms. I'm craving them all the time. I'm eating 2 or 3 bowls a day and going through almost 3 boxes a week at this point. I never eat this stuff. It's pure crap. Delicious, marshmellow-y, guilty pleasure that is surely turning my unborn child into a leprechaun... or something.

I went through a Captain Crunch phase for awhile too. It was V8 juice and jello with Quinn. But this baby has me hitting the crappy cereal boxes full force. That's right, I blame the baby! I said it.

Speaking of which, I can't believe we're getting so close to the due date. I'm convinced he's coming earlier than September 14th but of course there is no way to know for sure. I had my 33 week appt. yesterday and everything seems to be good. Heart beat was good (150 something I think) and my belly is measuring ginormous (38). The doctor even looked at my stomach and was trying to figure out how it was so big without me actually looking that big. I seem to be carrying really low and straight out front with this pregnancy. I'll have to get Jas to take a picture of me so I can show you the ridiculousness of this belly. We stood in front of the mirror the other night laughing at the sight of me. I looked like an orangutan with my big belly and long arms. Only missing the orange fur.

Of course, the doc didn't do a sonogram to check and make sure the baby's head wasn't dented in from his sister climbing all over my stomach every chance she gets. From the punches, elbows, knees and kicks I constantly receive from her roughhousing and tantrums, this child has got to be physically deformed in some way. It'll be a miracle if he arrives without a scratch. Maybe that's why he moves so much, teaching himself self defense in the womb so he's prepared for his monster sister!


Anonymous said...

Might be the first child born with a black belt. I love Lucky Charms, they are magically delicious! How can anything like that be bad for you. Love you guys, hang in there.


Grandpa Randy

Madge said...

I have to admit - Lucky Charms is one of my favorites - and I crave them every once in a while ;)

So glad to hear all is well with you. I'm sure you are not enjoying the heat - but, wow, the time has just flown by!
Excited for all of you!!

Angie said...

I'm having a hard time believing you are so close to delivery! Goodness girl, I really need your address! I have baby gifts already-I actually prepared for this one in advance!!!!