Friday, June 18, 2010

We're Back... (Almost)!!

Look who's as awesome as can be!

Well, I suppose there is much to update but I'm a bit short on time and the post would be 400 paragraphs long so I'm going to try to summarize.

Quinn and I enjoying microwave mac n' cheese before moving to the new home!

To make a long moving story short, we are moved into the new home. Moving day was an ordeal, to say the very least, but we made it in. My advice to future home buyers, do not go through a large bank for your lending needs, they do not care about you or your situation. The buyers for our old home went through a large bank and it caused so many problems on moving/ signing papers day that when it came down to it, we had the truck packed by 10 am but had to hang out at the mall until after 5pm not even knowing if we'd get to move into our new home that day or that weekend. Since it was a friday on Memorial Day Weekend, by 5pm we were getting ready to head back to the old home to camp out until Tuesday.

Me and Quinn killing time at the mall riding the merry go round

But because we had a small lending company and an incredible realtor, we were told at 5:03pm that we could officially move into our new home. Believe me, I wept. I was holding in lots of stress that day and it flowed out. All because our buyer's lending company took their sweet, sweet time getting paper work together and approving the buyer's checks. It was hectic!

All the waiting took its toll on baby girl too. Grandma got to hold her while she slept

So here we are in our new home and we're LOVING it! Jason's parents helped us pack up the truck (it took two loads) and unpack them on Friday and Saturday. The boys worked their tails off in the Texas sun while us girls unpacked boxes, cleaned and took care of baby girl in the house. It was non stop until Sunday morning when they took off for home. I don't know what we would have done without them and we will never be able to thank them enough for their help.

Angie's husband Chase came over to help with unloading the truck too while Angie helped watched Quinn. He and Angie even had their lawn company spruce up our lawn and get it into shape as a house warming gift!!

They're smiling, but underneath, they're EXHAUSTED

Since then, I've got most of the boxes unpacked except for the stuff filling up the garage that we haven't figured out what to do with yet. We are in no way pack rats, but when you have babies there is so much stuff that sits in limbo until it needs to be used. At least we know that most of it can be cleaned up and used soon (!). Check out the widget on the side, less than 90 days to go!! Oh, and other keepsake stuff... what are we supposed to do with yearbooks and mementos that can't be thrown away or stored? I hate this stuff! I don't want to store that kind of thing but what else is there to do?

It's risky to show myself in a bikini but this is how much fun we're having with a backyard!

Quinn and I have been enjoying the backyard and the park across the street almost daily. It's getting very hot right now so we're a bit limited (early morning or at night) but we also have a big playroom upstairs now that we didn't have before. So if we're "stuck" inside, we have lots of room to run around and scream. And believe me, she's taking full advantage of the echoing sounds!! It's so much fun watching her enjoy the new environment, so completely worth it.

You can tell by her sweaty hair how hot it is outside!

On another note, she can officially climb out of her crib. The second day here I put her down for a nap. Jas came to get me so I could see for myself. I see her walking down the stairs. Well who let her out? I just put her down for her nap! I guess no one let her out, she climbed out of the crib and opened the door and wanted to join us. Ugh. After moving the crib to the corner we tricked her into thinking she couldn't get out for about a week. But she's onto our games now. So I have her bed set up like the last room and she only gets out once in awhile now. We need to get the toddler rails for her bed. But we also need to get baby gates for the stairs, new thermostats for the house, cleaning supplies b/c we cannot find ours anywhere, our internet router because it's lost and we're hacked into a neighbor's, etc... You get the idea. There is so much to do and a pregnant woman can only do so much each day! Jas does what he can but the man does have to work full time too. Plus, our weekends have been loaded with social activities as they often are in spring and summer. No complaints, just not enough time to accomplish it all.

So this past weekend my mom came into town to help with the new home and see us, especially her little grandbaby. We haven't seen her since Thanksgiving which is entirely too long. And of course, we put her to work. We decided the big thing to tackle would be painting. I have such little time left to accomplish so many things before this baby arrives and everything comes to an almost screeching halt, at least for a few months. So what I really needed help with was painting the living room and kitchen. There is no way to close it off and it's a main part of the house. That means that painting while Quinn sleeps and getting it done quickly is the only option!

So day one I bought the paint and we got just about all of it done. However, I only bought 1 gallon and we needed just a bit more to finish. Day 2 I picked up some more and we got to work. Guess who wouldn't take a nap? That left one of us to paint and one to watch Quinn upstairs. Not an easy task with a curious toddler but we did manage to accomplish our goal! The living room and kitchen look fantastic and feel so much more like home. The entire house is painted bright white right now and a little color goes a long way in making it feel that much better. I will say, I used Benjamin Moore paint for the first time and I'm sold. There was so little splatter and it went a long way in covering a large area. I also got the low VOC paint and you can't even smell paint in the house at all. It's fantastic. Oh, and it only took one coat with some touch ups here and there.

So mom left this morning to head back home. Dummy me doesn't have any photos. We only got one photo taken yesterday and it's on mom's camera. Jason's cousin Curtie is also in town this weekend for father's day. I don't think we have any firm plans for Sunday but Jas mentioned wanting to have a picnic breakfast with just us 3 1/2 which I love the idea of. After that, it's up to him what he wants to do, it's his day!

Quick comment on Quinn's eating habits, by the way. A friend told me she quit giving snacks between meals b/c her son wouldn't eat. What a novel idea! I quit snack time and guess who eats like a champ now? Unless she asks for something in between meals (in which I'll give her a strawberry or some blueberries or something small to tide her over), I make sure she's good and hungry. Now she eats whatever is put in front of her again. I love it!

I hope you guys have a great father's day weekend. I'll try to post as often as possible but the computer is farther away in the house now and I have even less time to devote between getting this house in shape and the occasional passing out when baby does.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great update. I am so happy you guys got moved into your new house and it is starting to feel like home. Hope to see you soon, love you all so much.

Love Grandpa Y

Angie said...

I love that last shot of Quinn in her highchair!! Hilarious! She looks like she was playing so hard and so happy about it!! Glad to see everyone is doing well, more pictures!!! So excited to see what the new home looks like!