Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quinn and the Toddler Bed

This weekend we bought Quinn a new toddler bed. Starting last friday, we noticed she was able to get her leg onto the top railing of her crib and she was giving it everything she had to get out. I'm so afraid she's going to hurt herself that I rushed out to Target and got her a new bed.

They had a sale! Who doesn't love a sale? And the bed had all the features I was looking for: white, no foot board (this kid is tall y'all!), and inexpensive.

Jas and I spent part of our Sunday afternoon putting the bed together. Then I took down her old crib. It was quite a feat but we accomplished it all and set everything up for her.

Time for the reveal! I called Quinn into the bedroom, video camera ready. She ran into the room crying and whining but she jumped right onto the bed (success!). Then she jumped right off and Jason could be heard in the background complaining about something with the bed. Whatever, it ruined my "reveal" moment. So I don't have video for you.

Well, that afternoon she refused to sleep in the bed. She didn't understand and was thoroughly mad at us for even suggesting that she sleep in something other than her crib. Okay, that's fine. She just needs to get used to the idea. So we wore her little behind out on Sunday. We took a walk around the neighborhood, ate a big meal and then played at the park followed by a warm bath. With no nap, the kid was exhausted!

But that didn't stop her from waking up all night long crying hysterically because she was confused and hating her new situation! So Sunday night I got to play the roll of comforting mommy.

Monday was a repeat of Sunday. No nap and very little sleep at night. She eventually fell asleep in my arms on the couch at 4am. We tried everything from sleeping with her in the room, comforting her, telling stories to slamming the door and letting her cry it out. NOTHING WAS WORKING.

So yesterday afternoon, after the 3rd day of no naps, I'd had it! We have enough going on around here I do not need to add lack of sleep and whining baby to the mix. So Jas and I put her crib together again last night and now have an assembled toddler bed to store. Awesome.

The video below is of Quinn at dinner last night. Jas captured it with his phone and I can't seem to import it into imovie to correct the angle. Sorry about that. But it gives you an idea of what no napping for 3 days and hardly any sleep will do to a girl!


Anonymous said...

You should call that video, "Little Sweetheart hits the wall". She is strong willed, just like her mama and papa.

Grandpa Y

Cheryl said...

Grandma just wants to be there to hold her! You may need to put both the beds together in the new place to get her used to it. Doesn't the crib convert into a toddler type bed? Maybe you could ease her into that first and then when the new one comes transition her into the toddler bed.

Poor baby.

Sarah and Drew said...

Goo! I'm sorry it hasn't gone as planned. But what does? I hope you're feeling a bit brighter eyed and bushy tailed now!