Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Post

Well, I don't have any new pictures yet for this week. Last weekend we celebrated little Grant Meyer's 1st birthday! He was a trooper and LOVED his cake! Watching him smash into it was pretty funny. No holding back, went all in!

It was also Kendall Baumgart's 1st birthday but we didn't get to celebrate with them. Kristy and Jon moved back to Saint Louis Easter weekend. I was able to give Kendall her birthday gift to her before she left though. We're sad they moved (we miss you guys!).

This coming weekend we get to help Tick and Suzanne celebrate their new marriage! They were married in Colorado Springs last weekend. This Saturday will be a lot of fun with a crawfish boil and lots of friends. Cannot wait to see everyone!

The pregnancy is going really good so far. I'm feeling well and have pretty good energy. My stomach is most definitely popped out. I'm carrying low again, just like with Quinn. It's a funny look, more dumpy than pregnant. I catch myself rubbing my belly in public so people will know it's baby not buffet.

I did start feeling the baby move on Easter Sunday. That was fun to feel for the first time. It was more obvious this time around. Maybe because I've already been through this before, I don't know. This one may be a kicker though. I feel more jabs than I did with Quinn. It's still very slight so hard to tell for sure. With Quinn, she only kicked me twice. Both times caught me off guard. I can't imagine going through that all the time during pregnancy. Many women do and I've heard stories. We'll see...


kristy said...

We miss you guys too! Glad you are feeling well. I'm sure Miss Quinn and baby #2 are keeping you on your toes!

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