Monday, April 26, 2010

My Pregnant Body is Craving Sweets!

It's ridiculous, I can't say no to a single sweet. I normally don't eat ice cream or am even tempted by it. But being pregnant, you can bet I've had a couple of ice cream cones from McDonalds and 2, count them 2(!) snickers blizzards from Dairy Queen. Granted, my stomach doesn't tolerate that kind of food so the blizzards were only a few bites before either giving it back to Jason or throwing it away.

So I just stumbled onto THIS blog and am gearing up to bake some peanut butter chocolate cookies tonight. Then when I get to the grocery store sometime this week, I'm trying THESE babies! Oh yeah!

I've included a link to the blog on the right hand side. This lady is vegan. I am not. I will adjust accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Krispy Kreme for all of us once I get there. Can't wait to see the house, and the rest of you of course.


Sarah and Drew said...

Have your dad eat a donut for me! Sadly, I'm still craving sweets and baby is no longer on board! Oh and awesome about the housing news!

Angie said...

uhm... wow.. photo on that blog.. yikes! afraid I may not be having any burgers anytime soon.. as for craving did you crave much with Quinn?