Sunday, April 4, 2010


After reading an article on aol.com about there being a true correlation between heartburn and babies being born with hair, I have to ask you guys what you think: is there a correlation in your experience?

I suffer from reflux disease on a normal day. When I got pregnant with Quinn it all quietly went away and I enjoyed a few foods that I normally could not. When Quinn was born... ta da! Absolutely no hair, ha! With this baby, my heartburn is frequent and always ready to rear its head. So maybe this baby will have hair? Time will tell!!

You can read the aol.com article HERE


Deb said...

Caden was born with a lot of hair and I think I had heartburn about twice with him.

If thinking your baby will have a lovely head of hair gets you through the heartburn, I'm all for it! ;)

Anonymous said...

We shall see, I would think that you would want to get used to the heartburn, just in case hair has nothing to do with it. My experience was that the heartburn started before you were born and went away sometime after you and your sister graduated high school.
But then of course, memories fade with age...... :)


Angie said...

sorry to burst the theory but I had heartburn just a few times towards the end..and Juila had a full head of hair! But, going on our neighbors theory, her first no morning sickness and she had a girl.. her second she can barely make it through the day and they are having a boy!

Madge said...

You need to ask Beth (Eric's wife) about this - - - Liam is as bald as Quinn is!!! :)