Thursday, April 29, 2010

And the Gender is.....

The 20 week appointment for our brand new baby was this morning. Jason was able to attend with me while a friend watched our little Quinners.

During the 15 week appointment, Jason wasn't able to be with me but the doc said he was 90% sure of the gender. I'm not sure why the doc did a sono that day other than he confused my appointment and gave me one on accident. Either way, we told family and a few friends what the doctor had said but nothing was certain until verified today.

Drumroll please....


I would have liked to scan the sonogram photo but then thought better of it. Not only are his little boy parts circled, but this is the web and who knows... may be around for years to come. I don't particularly want my womb-circled girly parts floating through cyberspace so I'll extend the same courtesy to OUR BRAND NEW SON!

We're very excited to welcome a baby boy into our family. I have no idea how I want to decorate or if clothes buying will be nearly as much fun but that's probably not the important stuff. I just hope Quinn doesn't beat up her brother too much. That little girl can really handle her own.

So I ask you, what are some great boy names? I already know what I want to name him and I think Jas may be on board as well. However, we're still open and don't have a middle name picked out yet. (and no, we're NOT TELLING THE NAME, so don't even ask :)

Here's to a brand new baby boy around September 14th!!!


Sarah and Drew said...

I'm excited about a boy Fuller! I hope "Max" comes four days late on the 18th and then he can be my birthday buddy! Middle names...are a result of first names so you'll have to give me a clue.

Kristi said...

Oh, my...how exciting! Thank you for sharing the news! :)

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you! One of each, how perfect! Little boys are sooo much fun! Bring on the dirt and bugs! :) Take care and can't wait to see you all!

maggie said...

so excited for you!!!! can't wait to hear his name. we are so struggling with a girl name! i think naming a baby is one of the hardest things. congrats on your new boy!!!