Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too Busy for my Taste

Okay, posts are starting to get few and far between, sorry. But it's also starting to get so busy for us that I'm losing track of what's happening when!

To start off with, Jason's mom, her two sisters and his cousin came down to Dallas last Wednesday to visit. His mom stayed with us and all the other ladies stayed with his cousin Angie and her family in Frisco. It's not far from us, maybe 30 minutes.

I'm sure Cecilia was excited for a vacation to Dallas and to see her grandbaby. To her surprise, we decided to put our house on the market and had lots of work to do this weekend. Of course, Jason's mom is a trooper and helped in so many ways there is no way to properly thank her. Not only did she help take care of Quinn while we tackled a few errands, scrubbed my kitchen floors, cleaned my oven, helped me clear out the garage and organize garage sale items, but she also helped Jason fix part of the roof. Amazing!

Funny thing, she slept in until 7:30am each morning which is unheard of for her. She's one of those "early birds" that is usually up at 5am (maybe sooner). I think that's how much we worked her to the bone!

But overall, we still managed to have a really fun time and meet up with her sisters and everyone else a couple of times this weekend.

Then on Saturday my sister was in town for work so we met up and ran a few errands and bought our mother's birthday gift!

Mom: I didn't post a happy birthday to you and I apologize. No excuses! I love you so very much and want you to know that we missed you a lot on your birthday. I think you'll like your gift!!!

So both Heather and Jason's family headed home Sunday morning. That gave Jas and I chance to rest in the afternoon before tackling the house again that night. Unfortunately, Jason is out of town this week for work and won't be home until Thursday night. The house officially goes on the market Friday with a sparkly 'For Sale' sign and all. That leaves me and me alone to get the rest of this house in order.

So this week I have finished painting both inside and outside the house. Well, all but one little piece on the roof that no off balance pregnant woman has a right to tackle. So Jas will have to deal with that when he gets home! I've cleaned up the backyard that Jas didn't get to yet, cleaned all the windows, vacuumed the house top to bottom, dusted everything in sight, got all the cobwebs I could find and even scrubbed and painted the baseboards. (next time you see me you'll recognize my red cape with the capital letter 'A' for 'Amazing') haha.

But man does this house sparkle right now! Tomorrow the photographer is coming by to take the photos. Too bad all the plants outside are a lovely shade of death and brown. I did see buds on them when I trimmed them this afternoon though, so there is hope!

Wish us luck on selling this house in a timely manner and for a decent price! We are really looking forward to a new place to call home while our family continues to grow.

And if this place doesn't sell to our specifications, then at least I've already done all my spring cleaning!


Angie said...

Holy smackers! I was exhausted just reading your 'Spring cleaning'! Goodness, the photos will be blinding when the photographer comes to take them! Wish you the best with the sale, do you guys already have a new area you are looking at or are you going to wait and see what happens?

Madge said...

My goodness - you've been such a busy bee!! You can come work on my place next ;)

Best of luck in the sale of your home and finding a new one.


Sarah and Drew said...

Take it easy!!! But I'm excited for you guys. I hope it all works out as you desire.