Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ghost of Murphy's Law Lives Here

Today is the first official day that the house is on the market. We have a sign out front and the house is clean and gorgeous. However, a ghost is haunting us. Well, a poltergeist actually.

Remember how our water heater and garage door went out two weeks ago on the same day? Well, it's been little things since then that keep happening and I'm beginning to wonder what it all means.

After working super hard this weekend to get things ready, the eerie things are starting to happen. Sunday night I change the lightbulb in the living room fan. I've done this many, many times. I turn on the light to check it and see a spark in the light part of the fan and then the lights do not work. The fan does, though. Great. Awesome. Super.

I tell Jas and he starts grumbling about "money pit this", "money pit that" and the cost of getting a new fan. I start to worry. So I call the electrician who can be here in a couple of days. That's fine, the pictures won't be taken of the house until Thursday.

All week I'm running around with my head cut off (weird visual, really) trying to get things done with Jas gone and Quinn by my side. It's been a super busy week. Tuesday was the busiest since I ran to Frisco to drop Quinn off to be babysat by Angie while I hauled her patio furniture to our house for staging the back patio. On my way back the electrician calls and is ready to fix the fan! So he looks at it and tells me we need a new fan. But then discovers that if he bypasses the switch, it'll work, just not exactly properly. Fine, lets go with it!

The realtor calls wednesday and wants to take pics then b/c of weather. Well thank goodness the light works right?! Well, right after she shoots the living room the light starts to spark. Ok, lets turn that off and never turn it on again, k?! I ran to Home Depot with Quinn and we got a new fan for Jason to install. Lucky man.

Jas got home last night and after hours of tinkering with the stupid thing, we figured out the weird wiring and how to get it to work properly. What a pain.

I've had to change out other lightbulbs that keep popping throughout the house. One in the kitchen, one in the dining room.

This morning I get up and get breakfast for Quinn. I open the fridge.... and nothing is cold. The ice maker is full of water. AWESOME. I call the neighbor and she agrees to store some things for us while we call a repairman. Granted, this fridge has threatened to go out since we moved in. It was left by the previous owners and we knew someday it would quit. But couldn't it have waited just 2 more months? So the repairman came by and it's beyond repair. We need a new fridge. Great. Awesome. Super.

So here's the kicker. Yesterday morning I pulled the coffeemaker out from the wall to start a new pot. I see dust on top of it and letters written with a fingertip. I see an "H", an "I" and two lines. I'm not sure if it said "Hi!!" or "Hil!". I quickly wiped it clean. You guys, I cleaned the coffee pot this weekend when we cleaned the kitchen. And no one has been home all week except me and Quinn. My theory is this: Quinn can only say "Hi" right now. She says it often and it's really cute. I think she talks to the poltergeist and he was simply saying "Hi" back to her. Through mystery dust on my coffeepot. Weird... I know. Like my sister said this morning, at least it didn't scribble "Get Out"!


Anonymous said...

I think you've been watching too many scary movies!! :) LOL My friends heard footsteps in their hallway a month or so ago...they swear they have someone living with them too!! Glad I don't have any uninvited guests!!
Love ya,
Les :)

Anonymous said...

She has Brian doesn't she? Anyway, maybe it is an omen trying to tell you that you will soon be leaving and that it will miss you. Otherwise.......


Darryl said...

That is beyond creepy!! Though I think you should just stop dusting altogether and see what else is written. Maybe you could get a great recipe out of the deal! ;)


Angie said...

Holy smackers! Talk about give you the heebit jeebies!

Madge said...

Another great story to tell :)

Years ago, while living in the big house - I came home from work to find blood spatter all over the kitchen sink. Everyone was in bed - but, I woke Tim up to see if someone had been bleeding. He assured me everyone was fine and no one was bleeding. I cleaned up the blood.
Several years later - I head up to bed and in the upstairs bathroom there are huge drops of blood on the bathroom counter. I wake EVERYONE and inquire as to who is bleeding. Of course NO ONE is bleeding.

To this day - NO ONE admits to bleeding - - - - -

I think they were all in on it and trying to make me think I was crazy! Little did they know that it was what kept me sane . . .

Love Ya!!