Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally Some Photos

I'm just getting around to uploading the photos off my small camera. There is a lot going on lately and with pregnancy fatigue to top it off, my poor blog is falling behind!

This last weekend my uncle Doug, aunt Sue and grandpa made the trip down to Dallas to visit us. It was such a blessing to have them here! We haven't seen them since last June and it's always great to catch up with family. We went to the park on Saturday and Jas captured some photos of Quinn and Doug playing.

Quinn warmed up to them really well and LOVED the attention! She even snuggled with her great grandpa in the chair. Very sweet.

We got to barbeque in the afternoon since the weather was unbelievably gorgeous. This winter has been much cooler and rainy than usual but it was beautiful for their visit!

Here are some photos from last week when Quinn was sick. I love her cuddled up to daddy in the urgent care room. She's got her stuffed doggy, binkie and a book on daddy's lap. What more could a little girl want?

Now it's cuddle time with mommy.

As for Sarah and Drew, they have named their new son Cole Asher Lawes. He's doing very well right now and is still in the NICU. He could be there for a couple more weeks but his progress has been very promising! Sarah is also doing really well and in great spirits. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I know they are so grateful for all of the outreach and support from friends and family. If you'd like to read more on Cole's progress, you can check out their blog on the right hand side: All Because Two People Fell In Love

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Anonymous said...

Hope Quinn is feeling 100%! Mom, Dad, and Grandpa had so much fun! They couldn't stop talking about how cute Quinn was and what a neat personality she has!! Can't wait to see you guys in May!!!