Monday, February 22, 2010

Quinn loves her cartoons

Not to imply that we watched cartoons all weekend, but Jas captured Quinn smiling and laughing at the tv twice. This first picture I had just finished clipping her nails. It's easier to let her pay attention to the tv while I do it so she's distracted.

After I was done, she put her hands behind her head, relaxed and enjoyed the show. She's so funny!

This clip is from watching Backyardigans on Saturday night. I was calming her down before bedtime while Jason worked on retiling the bathroom.

This specific episode has a clam underwater that acts like a dog fetching a stick. It made her laugh so hard that by the 3rd viewing in a row (the clip, not the show), Jas had finally been able to grab the camera and capture it.


Sarah and Drew said...

Fun post! Quinn looks like she's growing into a giant on your lap! She looks tall!

maggie said...

so funny! she totally reminds me of evie. evie would laugh all the time at shows and loved (still does) TV. so great!

Madge said...

There is nothing sweeter than a baby's laugh!! Thank you for sharing!

Katie said...

Too cute.

Anonymous said...

I love her laugh. Isn't it great when then lean against you, snuggle up to you, or fall asleep on your lap. Nothing better than the trust and love of a young one.

Dad Y

Angie said...

Her laugh makes me smile! I was listening to the clip at work and everyone around me got a kick out of it! Such an innocent happy sound!!