Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mastering the Art of Home Ownership

Sorry about the lame title, I just finished watching Julie and Julia. See, today has been one of "those" days. The kind that doesn't quite seem to go your way. This morning I had a mini melt down trying to figure out details for my business. I went to the garage to check on props and such only to find the water heater leaking onto the garage floor. Great.

What I failed to concentrate on was the fact that it didn't touch any of my props, or anything of Jason's for that matter. Instead, I thought of the "what ifs". For example, I use the garage for many of my shoots because of the beautiful natural light. "What if" a client were on their way over and I had to cancel b/c my ghetto setup was flooded? "What if" that new piece of equipment that I purchased had gotten wet and ruined? Etc...

As I started to calm down, Jason realized that the garage door was no longer working. It wouldn't shut. Truthfully, our garage door hasn't been working that well for a long time. We've simply ignored the problem because that's just easier to do. But not today! Today it's being shoved in our faces. Awesome.

So while I wait for the garage repairman to arrive (he's got 11 minutes left before he's officially late), I watched Julie and Julia. Sure, I should have cleaned something, created something, whatever. But I didn't. I watched a movie.

And a great movie at that. I don't remember Julia Childs on tv. Her name was mentioned once in awhile but before Food Network I just didn't watch much cooking. This movie lifted my spirits today. It really did. Not only was it entertaining and light hearted, but I really identified with the storyline. I get into creative ruts often and it's tough. As a person, I need goals to work towards, projects to work on. That's what keeps me going. And when I don't have something I'm working on it gets very tough for me to remember what to do with my day.

So on a day when home ownership has been anything but delightful, I'm feeling much better.


Anonymous said...

Always remember, it is darkest before it is light. Having a really bad day means great ones are in store. They also serve to keep us grounded, to make us remember just how fortunate we really are. Let us know how good some of the others are. They usually far outnumber the bad.



Cheryl said...

It WAS a good movie, wasn't it?! I really enjoyed it! Of course I enjoyed it without the benefit of a garage door that was broken. Will a stopped up kitchen sink do? Or a doggy screaming from ear pain? That's the best I can offer. Enjoy!


Madge said...

I really enjoyed that movie - Julia Child was quite a character.

As for the bad day . . . welcome to the party - pal ;)
It's so hard to think of the good things when you are having a day like that. So, typically, I choose to yell, bitch - yes, even swear . . . anything to 'let it out' for a couple of minutes. And then, I can take a step back and put it into perspective. Crazy? Probably. But, they haven't put me away yet . . . hehehe. (Just try to go into another room for the melt down, so as not to scare Quinn.)

On the positive - you are a very smart, creative, joyful and very talented woman . . . YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!! I believe in YOU!!