Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heather came to visit us!!!

My sister was in town last week for her job and we got to hang out the entire weekend! Her flight getting into town was late b/c of bad weather in Denver but she finally arrived, to no luggage, and I picked her up and we headed to her hotel downtown. They set her up at the Fairmont which is not too shabby. I've done quite a few weddings there in the past and was familiar with it.

After trying 3 times to get into the room, the front desk finally realized that maybe it was the lock that was broken, not us, and gave us a different room. So we went back upstairs, tired from carrying (my) luggage and settled in. Conveniently, with bad weather outside, the hotel is connected underground to Dakotas restaurant so we had a great steak dinner there. After that, being the old married moms that we are, we headed back to her room for tv watching and sister gossiping! Here is a quick picture one of the waitresses took of us at dinner:

I know, we're adorable

We fell asleep pretty early and Heather had to be at her meeting at 8am the next morning. Since I was awake, I headed down to Starbucks, grabbed coffee and breakfast and settled into the room with a movie and eventually one of Heather's books that she brought.

Have any of you read Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief? The title is longer than that but you know what I mean. A friend recommended it to me awhile ago but the library never has it checked in. After getting pretty far through Heather's book while she was at her meeting, I couldn't put it down! I eventually bought it on Sunday and finished quick. I don't usually buy books so if anyone is wanting to read it, let me know and you're welcome to it. Anyway..

Heather's meeting was done at noon so we headed to lunch and window shopping! I can't tell you the last time I had such a carefree morning and afternoon. Oh wait, yes I can, Mexico last year. Anyway, Heather and I managed to hit up Sprinkles Cupcakes and Central Market before heading home. (Heather and Fred love the tortillas from Central Market)

The rest of the night we spent with Jas and Quinn. Dinner was at a local mexican restaurant where Quinn showed off her skillz with a straw. This clip cracks me up b/c she makes that face after drinking through a straw. Almost as if she's surprised that liquid came through!

After that we battled it out on the Wii playing Mario Brothers Coin Battle the rest of the night. Heather had a 10am flight the next day and it was sad to see her go. I haven't had my sister all to myself since the night before my wedding when I hurt my foot and she went back to the room with me and we just took it easy. That night is still one of my favorites to this day. Just me and my sister being together like nothing has ever changed, regardless of how old we keep getting.


Angie said...

You are so right! You both look adorable together!

P.S. thanks for the book selection! I will have to add it to my barnes and noble wish list! Still working my way through Christmas books I received.. keep getting sidetracked for some reason!

Fred and Heather said...

I had so much fun! It was so nice to see you and it turns out I may be coming back down to Dallas in March anyway. We will see, weekend #2!
P.S. I finished the book as well and loved it, may have to read the rest of the series!
Thanks for a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Glad you both had a great time, love ya.