Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Pictures!

I mentioned in the earlier post that KC got lots of snow. Below is Chase and Jason shoveling outside his parent's house.

After being inside for too long, I thought Quinn and I could use some fresh air. The only little snow outfit I had for her was this sweater onesie from the Gap. I found this at one of the children's thrift stores earlier this year and have been so eager to put it on her. Had I done Christmas pictures, it would have been in this outfit.

But since it's only a sweater and she had gotten a cold while we were there, I didn't let her down to play. We were only outside for maybe 5 minutes.

Doesn't she look like the cutest snowbaby?!

Here is a quick photo that Angie snapped of me and Quinn. I love it!

Quick photo of daddy and Quinn in the snow

During the week, Cecilia made chocolate mice. I don't know their true name but they're chocolate covered cherries, a Hershey's kiss, almond ears and gel for eyes on top of half an oreo cookie. I helped do the eyes but Cecilia did the rest. How cute are they?!


maggie said...

hil - love the picture of you and quinn and her eyes in the one are to just die for! what a doll! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures, Quinn is such a cutie. Love the photos with you and Jason with Quinn, what great memories these will make. Keep them coming, love 'em.


Sarah and Drew said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas despite the major change in plans. I asked my dad if he heard from your folks, b/c I imagined their crazy snow was messing with your plans. We're still in Georgia, sans snow. Hopefully we can chat when we return home next week. Much love.

Madge said...

The pictures are wonderful! Quinn is most definetely a 'Snow Angel'!!!