Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowy Christmas

What a holiday! We drove back to Dallas on Sunday and have been busy putting presents away, organizing clothing and mail and just trying to get back into the swing of things.

And the weather lately? CRAZY! When we left Dallas it was sunny and 50 degrees. We drove to KC first and originally planned on leaving for Nebraska from Kansas City on Christmas Eve but a nasty snow storm swept the midwest and we never made it. My dad got stuck in Illinois, my mom was stuck in Lincoln and my sister was in Grand Island with two little kids and a husband who had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day. No one in my immediate family was able to spend Christmas together, very frustrating.

We were able to talk to one another on the phone quite a bit and were reminded that out of however many Christmas days we've had together, this is the only one that didn't go our way. Plus, we were all able to spend Thanksgiving together this year when they came to Dallas. Always a silver lining, right? I do miss my family though but we'll figure out a way to see them soon.

Jason and I were the lucky ones since we were with his family. We got to see his aunts and uncles, cousins, grandpa, brother and family and kiddos. KC also received a massive amount of snow on Christmas Eve that gave us a truly beautiful snowy Christmas morning. It was picture perfect guys, no joke.

Ok, so lets talk about Quinn. She's still not entirely aware of opening presents or receiving gifts. When we arrived, gifts were already under the Christmas tree in the living room. We weren't having our family Christmas until that Wednesday which meant 5 days before she would be able to rip through them. What that really means is that we had to constantly keep her away from the presents because she wanted to climb on them, rip at the paper, play with them, etc...

One morning while Jas and I were getting ready and Bruce and Cecilia were gone, Quinn took things into her own hands. I came into the living room and caught her opening one of the presents. Of course I grabbed the camera and yelled for Jas to see this. He decided to make a little sign.....

That had us laughing for some time. Then the next morning she got into the kitchen cupboards. Here comes the sign again..

Quinn got to play with her cousin Addison quite a bit while in KC. Addy is about 1 year older exactly. It was a lot of fun watching them play together since they've never really done that before, being too young.

Sometimes Addison would bully her around or not want to share, sometimes they'd push each other or be ornery. Other times Addison was the sweetest little girl and would hug and kiss Quinn. Alexa got a picture of both of them watching tv and Addison put her arm around Quinn. Too cute! They also raced each other down the hallway. Well, Addison raced, Quinn just ran after her. They also played hide and seek with each other and ran through the kitchen, into the living room and behind curtains. Addison would yell, "Addison hide" and cover her face as she ran. It was hysterical. And although Quinn would run after her, I'm not sure she grasped that it was a game. Oh well! They had fun!

We took the girls to see Santa and got a fun picture of them both on his lap. They did so good too! No tears. For grandma and grandpa's Christmas gift however, that is another story.

Alexa had the idea of making a handprint Christmas tree on a ceramic plate. The lady at the store said no problem, she could get the girls' hands to do it. So we had Quinn go first and Addison watched. The lady hand painted Quinn's hand, but Quinn wasn't sure she liked it. She started getting nervous and squirming. I tried to hold her tightly and reassure her. Then the lady opened up her hand and slammed it down on the plate. I'm not kidding, I even jumped a bi
t. It didn't hurt her, but it certainly scared her. She started SCREAMING! Then we had to do it two more times (for the bottom of the tree!). It was agony, you'd have thought we were cutting off her fingers.

When we get the three handprints and wiped away tears, we looked at Addison and brightly said "now it's your turn!". That kid wanted no part of it! She was scared watching Quinn and now we were doing it to her!

After that we made a little cookie jar to go with the plate. I haven't been able to see the final result but I'm sure it's as beautiful as I imagine. Even though the girls cried, Alexa and I had a lot of fun making them in the end.

The lights around the tree are Addison's fingerprints. After she calmed down she had fun doing that part of it!

How cute is this jar??

Christmas was great. Quinn made out like a bandit! She's still discovering new toys here at home. And thank goodness for gifts because half the stuff she receives I would never guess to buy her but she absolutely loves them! I just don't have any imagination when it comes to toys.

So we headed home on Sunday which turned out to be a very long drive. We had some icy patches but overall weather was good. We stopped twice to let Quinn run around and we hit really bad traffic that left us sitting for an hour. The GPS saved us when we found an exit and gave us an alternate route that got us out of there. What should have been an 8-9 hour drive took us 11.

So we're home safe and watching for a "wintery mix" storm that's supposed to come through tonight in Dallas. We're only supposed to get up to an inch of snow. After this last week, whoopty doo, right?!

Thank you to Jason's family for taking such good care of us and our baby girl. We had such a wonderful time with you. I've got more pictures to upload but will save it for another post!


Deb said...

That darn snow!! Hope you get to see your family soon.

And I love that naughty sign. I think I'm going to make one for every room! ;)

Anonymous said...

Something that cute, precious and loving cannot be naughty!


Madge said...

I must agree with Randy - no such thing as naughty! :)
Thanks so much for the pictures and story - they always do my heart good!!!