Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blow Out 2!

Well, not a "blow out" per se.

And let me begin by stating that there are NO pictures. As babies get older, pictures get more....disgusting.

Okay, so Jas was washing the dishes in our kitchen as I was working on the computer.

I'm editing photos with a deal that Jas will watch Quinn until 4pm and let me work. After that, he planned on leaving to meet friends for the Nebraska game. So it's 3pm (approx).

I hear from the kitchen "oh NO. Oh my G*d, NO! Quinn, NO!"

Can you see me running from the computer to the kitchen?

"WHAT? What is going on? Is everything ok?"

Jas is horrified and trying to get to Quinn. She is by the big window in our dining room. I run over there and assess the "situation". I don't have to even stop running to see what is going on. I quickly grab her and run to the bathroom with her in my arms, my arms outstretched ~ AWAY FROM ME.

Ok, so Quinn had apparently ripped off her own diaper. And THEN gone to the bathroom on our cream carpet. But it doesn't stop there folks. She then used the plastic frying pan from her brand new kitchen to PLAY IN IT.

I'm yelling at Jas to start the bath while I throw Quinn into the sink. As I turn on the water and try to get her washed off, Quinn starts to put her hand into her mouth. You know what it's covered in!

*roll slow motion video*...... "NNNNNOOOOOOO" is what I'm saying as I reach for her hand.

And I succeeded in stopping that disgusting transaction. Quinn, you'll thank me in years to come. Maybe not for this post, but for stopping you.

Jas was now worried that she'd eaten it. He leaned in and smelled her breath. Oh my gosh you guys, the man was horrified that she had "poo poo breath". "Quinn, you have poo poo breath! Hil! Get her some toothpaste!".

*quick note, I'm not totally convinced she ate it.*

So I'm washing Quinn off in the sink, laughing so hard that it makes Quinn laugh. And Jason is trying to get the tub filled with water. He's laughing to.

He finally got Q washed off as I cleaned up the "mess".

Here is the moral of the story folks. After you change a baby's diaper, regardless of how much they hate the process and thrash while you're trying to give them a dry bottom, it is absolutely necessary to put pants on them afterwards. Without pants, they will figure out how to rip off their diaper. And then, chaos ensues.

The End.


Katie said...

Too much...I've heard that 'magic erasers' can get anything out of light colored carpet. And to think, I thought Quinn was such a lady.

Cheryl said...

I am laughing so hard, it's bringing tears to my eyes. Isn't parenthood great!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be laughing about this for a long time to come. Pooh, Pooh, breath, I love it...........

You should write and illustrate your own line of books honey.


Angie said...

and here you were asking when I was going to write a book. My dear, you are so expressive, I saw the whole thing in my minds eye and was laughing my toosh off! Too bad it was at work and they thought I had lost it!

cindylou said...

Oh my goodness....laughing so hard! Brings back memories of one of my sons doing the same thing....i won't mention which one - just to say to Ang - you better keep an eye on Hayden =)

Madge said...

ohhhhhhhh Hilary . . . I am speechless . . . well, thanks for the chuckle - like Angie said, I saw the whole thing in my mind and perhaps I read this way too early in the morning :)