Monday, November 9, 2009

Quinn's Birthday Party

Saturday was Quinn's birthday party! Jason's parents came into town from Kansas City and lots of friends joined us to help her celebrate. Enjoy the photos!

These are cake lollipops. Absolutely delicious!

We also decided on a cupcake theme to go with her big cupcake shaped cake!

For a banner to hang inside, I simply cut out letters from different papers

Here we have a photo banner of Quinn throughout the year

This is a garland I made to hang from the lattice out back:

Quinn did not appreciate the cake being taken away!

She was a superstar on Saturday. Luckily she got a 3 hour nap in before everyone began to show up. She partied the whole time and absolutely LOVED when we all sang happy birthday to her. I believe we have a little girl who does not mind being in the spotlight!


Angie said...

I love your creativity! I bet Quinn had a blast and everyone really enjoyed themselves!!!

Sarah and Drew said...

Cute stuff! I'm glad the party went well. Quinn looks like she had fun. I absolutely love your BIG cupcake. I need that mold/pan!

Lusie said...

Love your blog!!! Quinn is adorable!!
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