Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pictures from Family Visit

Here are a few more pictures from my family's visit. I still have more on my little camera but need to upload those. I'll get to it, I'll get to it.

Here is Mr. Wyatt. He's becoming such a little man

Here is mom holding little Bella. I think she's trying to calm her down and get her ready for a nap.

I'm so excited I got this photo. They'll hate me someday I'm sure. But how cute!

Here is Heather helping me set up for the birthday party/ Thanksgiving celebration

The kids are opening presents now with grandma and grandpa's help. They LOVED playing with all the toys. Especially playing with each other's toys. I guess when it's not yours it's even MORE fun!

This is the chaos from having three kids under 3 have free reign. Quinn is watching Dora (of course), Wyatt has conquered the house and mom is rocking Bella to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

You are a great photographer Hil. These will be great in the years to come. Thanks for the hospitality, I love you all dearly.