Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Autumn!

I know many of you have already experienced autumn with the falling leaves and beautiful colors. Some of you have already had snow! But here in Dallas, things work differently. We are just now experiencing falling leaves.

Quinn has a little cold this week and yesterday had her one year shots. This week has not been her favorite. Well, I take that back. She's been playing with lots of new toys so maybe it hasn't been so bad!

Anyway, we took a walk this afternoon and decided to play in some leaves!

This is my favorite photo from today. It's processed differently than the others but I just love it and I'm not changing it (stomps feet in protest!)

I like the contrast in the next photo. That and the expression on her face. Can you say ornery?

Someday she wants to be that tall


Angie said...

Your photos are, again, absolutely beautiful! Doesn't hurt that your subject is totally adorable! Would it be too horrible to ask what type of camera you are using these days.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see all of you next week. Give her a squeeze for me, love you all.


Madge said...

Hilary - these pictures are just precious - Quinn is growing up so fast! I believe you will be entertained for many years to come. She is so very special and so are YOU!

Sarah and Drew said...

Love the pics. I'm totally impressed she keeps her beanies on!

Kristi said...

Those photos are stunning...you are so talented! And, how can you "choose" which photos to print?!? I'd want ALL of them!

;) Kristi

Fred and Heather said...

I want a hat like that for Bella!