Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween! ~ 11 Months ~

First, I didn't get these pictures posted from last weekend. Kristy and Jon celebrated their birthday together on Sunday and we took care of Kendall. Kristy bought Jon a ride in one of the professional cars at the race track which Jon said was very cool.

While Quinn napped, I took some pictures of Kendall for Jon and Kristy's birthday present. How adorable is this little pumpkin?!

Hope everyone had a really fun Halloween on Saturday. Jason and I loved celebrating it this year with our daughter. It's the last of her "1st" holidays.

This year Quinn was dressed as a pink monster. It was appropriate as we always refer to her as "monster".

She didn't quite know what to think about it all but took it in stride. She did really well walking in her monster feet too.

Here we are arriving at Kendra and Harden's house. This was her very first trick or treat house!

And here she is trick or treating at our neighbor's house:

Here is Quinn with our neighbors: Tova, Sissel and Willem:

Look who's tired after trick or treating at only 2 houses:

Next we met up with Jon, Kristy and Kendall to walk around their neighborhood. We tried to get some cute pics of the girls sitting next to each other but Quinn was too busy trying to be a "monster". Kendall sure is cute sitting all nice and sweet in her penguin costume though!

Quinn, can you sit next to Kendall for a picture? Stay there baby girl. Kendall, you're doing so great!

Ah Kendall, look at that big smile! Quinn, please sit still. Just for a quick second, I'll be quick, promise! Darnit, Quinn come back here!

After taking the above pictures we walked around the neighborhood. The whole experience wiped out the little ones and we called it a night about 8:30pm!


maggie said...

love the costume! so great!

Anonymous said...


Grandpa Yoder

Sarah and Drew said...

She did great! They are so hard to take pictures of at this age!

Katie said...

I love how she is passed out with a the candy bucket tipped over and a bib on...candy hangover, or so it looks.

Kristi said...

Oh, my...those little girlies sure are cute! ;)

Madge said...

That is the cutest darn costume ever!! And the videos were great - thanks Hil!