Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Quinn

Today is your official first birthday Quinn. This time last year we were holding you in our arms and thanking God for your safe arrival. There is so much I want to say to you, I'm not sure where to begin.

Everyday we look into your gorgeous blue eyes and smile. We think of all the dreams we have for you and what we hope your life will become. We hope you experience happiness and success, kindness and empathy. We hope you're able to hold your head high through tough times and come out with the knowledge that you are stronger and wiser for it. We hope that you always lend a helping hand to those in need and give them your support and strength when they most need it. We hope you always know that regardless of what else surrounds you, daddy and I are always here for you. We are always waiting with a hug, a smile, a kiss. When you act out, don't think for one second we won't set you straight again. But we do it with love and the intention of making you a better person for it.

This past year has put our lives in perspective. We knew that we wanted you in our family and we have been blessed every day since. It doesn't matter what the day brings because it starts and ends with us together. Our family is what is truly important and we thank you for reminding us of that in every smile, every cry, every laugh.

Above all we hope you know God's love. Everything we do is for Him and because of His love we have each other.

Daddy and I were blessed to have found each other to spend our lives with. We were blessed again when God gave us you.

Happy birthday baby girl,

Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Quinn! You are such a lucky lady! Hope your birthday is filled with lots of love and frosting! :) Your cousins love you!
Leslie, Brian, Cole, Jack, and Emily!!

Cheryl said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Quinny! Wow, you've met your first milestone! (well, outside of all those other milestones like crawling, walking, cutting teeth, eating solid foods, etc.) And you are such a beautiful little girl. We are so proud of you and love you very much. I hope that you enjoy your day! Give your mommy and daddy a squeeze and tell them thank you!

I love you!
Grandma Yoder

Anonymous said...

You are such a precious young lady. I know that you will grow to be a beautiful woman, full of grace, love and compassion. You have wonderful parents, relatives and friends. They will help to guide you on your path throough life. Follow their counsel and know that all of us are there for you, no matter what. We love you dearly little one.

Grandpa Randy

Sarah and Drew said...

MWAH! Happy birthday kisses and hugs to you Quinn! Much love,
The Lawes

Katie said...

Happy birthday Quinn!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday little one! I wish you a life full of happiness and love and to have the knowledge that when things turn blue, you are loved dearly by those surrounding you.