Thursday, November 19, 2009

~ 12 months ~

I wish I had pictures to upload from this last week but we've been busy getting ready for my family to visit from Nebraska. Heather, Fred, the kids and my parents are all coming to celebrate Thanksgiving at our house this weekend! We also get to celebrate Bella's 1st birthday which is on Sunday, Nov. 22nd! I'm excited to have a party for both girls and I'll be sure to have pictures of that next week.

As for Quinn, she just keeps growing. She had her one year check up and shots last week. She hasn't gained much weight in the last 3 months which is normal now that she's on the move. She's grown taller though. This is most evident when she tries to walk underneath our dining table. As each day passes, she bumps her head more and more. Poor thing is having trouble figuring out why, ha!

Quinn also loves to climb on EVERYTHING right now. Her favorite is the couch. We're trying to teach her how to properly get down since I don't see how we can keep her from climbing up. She does a really great job of getting down correctly too. But she also loves to climb on her toys, boxes, anything... I really have to keep an eye on her. I'm afraid the bed is next, we'll see.

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