Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a Weekend!

This weekend Jason's parents, Bruce and Cecilia, came to visit! We haven't seen them since our trip up north in June and Quinn got to spend lots of quality time with grandma and grandpa.

On Sunday we ventured to the Fort Worth Zoo. Quinn has never been to a zoo before and it was the first time for me to go here in DFW. It got hot towards the end of our trip but was lots of fun overall.

Notice how Quinn is much more interested in the cup with ice that grandma is holding than she is of the penguin in the background.

Here is a shot I got of grandma and grandpa holding her little hands. I just love this picture!

By the time we headed home, she was out!

On Monday Jas and his dad got some time together and us girls did a little shopping in the late afternoon. Quinn was S.P.O.I.L.E.D. by grandma

Then on Tuesday we put together a photo shoot for Quinn's birthday invites. It took the entire day to get it pulled together but we did it and they're fabulous. Can't wait to show you!

We had a lot of fun spending time together and I know Quinn loves her grandma and grandpa. They are so good about reading to her, playing, talking, teaching. She loved the attention, ate it up!

We also got to go to cousin Angie's house on Sunday night and have dinner with their family. Cecilia and Bruce had not seen the new house yet and it was fun to show them around

And now it's back to our normal, daily, boring routine. I've been catching up on laundry and some housework. I've also been working on designing lots of cards, Quinn's birthday invite, Christmas cards, etc... If anyone is interested in cards for the holidays let me know! I have a few to show but am open to ideas as well. I can also do storyboards, invites, etc.

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