Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainy Day

I'm feeling kind of sappy today. Maybe it's because I didn't sleep much last night (or most nights anymore). Maybe because it's still dreary outside and we haven't seen the sun here in DFW for a few weeks. I don't know. It's not a sad feeling by any means. Cuddling with my daughter just sounds like the only thing I really feel like doing right now.

That serious face of hers cracks me up. She really isn't a baby anymore. And she hasn't been for quite some time. She walks everywhere, she's learning sign language and how to get our attention (read: mess with dvd player b/c she knows it gets out attention!). She babbles and plays with toys too.

And that smile! How can you resist it? It's equal parts honey and naughty. Well, maybe there is a bit more honey than naughty.

She laughs a lot. We LOVE to hear her laugh and try to get one out of her at all times. Is there anything better than when they're gleefully happy? It just doesn't matter what else is on your mind when they start laughing, it makes you laugh too!

She's an avid reader. Well, let's put that one in "quotes". She loves to look at books but most of the time they seem to be upside down.

Take this book, for instance. I believe the title "animals" is pointing towards the ground if I'm seeing it correctly. What does she care? The whole world is new and exciting to her, even when mom plays dress up with her tutu!

When she wakes up from her nap, I think I'm going to snuggle her until she wiggles out of my arms!


Fred and Heather said...

Snuggle her, before you know it you're grounding her from the tv for being naughty! stinkers. Bella isn't walking yet, but she's darn close! I hope she stays knee bound a little bit longer!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more precious than children and grand children. Their smile can truly change a gloomy day, into a beautiful day, no doubt about it. They grow up way too fast. Love you all.


Grandma Fuller said...

Find your sunglasses. The sun will be out for the at least the next five days.
Hope you get to enjoy them.

Angie said...

We've been doing a lot of snuggling lately too. She presses her little body so tightly to mine sometimes when I hold her. It makes me feel so humble when she snuggles so closely like that. I love it and I pray I will not lose the memory of those moments as she grows.

Sarah and Drew said...

She looks blonde in these pics. Is she turning that way? I love how you're finding ways to incorporate the tutu into her every day wear!

Madge said...

I just love how she takes the whole tutu thing in stride!!!