Thursday, October 22, 2009

~ 11 Months ~ Videos and Pics

We went for a walk last Sunday morning. It was a bit chilly and Quinn was sporting her "I'm super fly" look. ....I can't believe I can still get her to wear glasses and hats!

Yesterday, she fell into the basket while trying to get a toy out. You know I snapped a photo before helping her out!

Great, she's discovered mommy's purse. She has coupons in her hands, my glasses and wallet laying next to her. And you know what, that's about all that's in the big purse I carry around.

She's also learning how to "kick the ball"!


Anonymous said...

Just about time for somebody's birthday. Can't wait!

Grandpa Y

Grandma Fuller said...

I absoutly love these pictures. The video is great too. What a way to start my day. Thanks. Can't wait to come see you.

kristy said...

She is such a big girl! I love how at the end of the video, she makes a beeline for the shelf and all the goodies on there!

Sarah and Drew said...

Totally impressed! I want to know what's behind that foam?

Fred and Heather said...

I am so amazed at how mobile she is...and at the same time thankful that Bella is NOT! I don't think I can keep up with two on the move! Bella is mobile, don't get me wrong, but not walking! Soon enough I'm sure.

cindylou said...

I see soccer in her future =) Such a little doll!