Monday, October 26, 2009

~ 11 Months ~ Pumpkin Patch

We have visited the pumpkin patch twice now. The first time was two weekends ago while Jason was playing golf. I thought that Quinn and I could try for some photos and have a little fun. Because it was an absolutely beautiful Saturday - and one of the only nice days we had experienced in weeks - EVERYONE had the same idea. It took us 45 minutes to get to the pumpkin patch that is normally 15 minutes away.

Once we got there, it took another 15 trying to park. Okay, so now we're an hour into this venture. I pull out the umbrella stroller, my camera, diaper bag and of course, Quinn. I load her grumpy little behind into the stroller only to realize that it's not sturdy enough to make it over the terrain. Since we are about a mile from the actual pumpkins (okay, that's a little exaggerated), this is not going to work. And I certainly cannot carry her the whole way. Not with the camera, and diaper bag. Well.... I could but I wasn't going to. I decided that we were in a pretty neat area with lots of open space and wildflowers. So I plopped her down.

I started shooting some pictures.

Quinn, look over here. Look at mommy!

20 pictures later, and no cooperation from the little princess, she's off. I only got one picture of her even looking at me and she's squinting in the harsh sun.

Okay, then lets just run around. We don't need to take pictures ALL the time.

But wait, is that a thorny bush? Oh my gosh, there's one over there too. Oh crap, that's an ant hill. Is it a fire ant hill? Quinn! Get back here we're leaving pronto!!!

(packs up baby and bags and rushes back to car)

So this weekend I convinced Jas to try again. And because we love abuse, we tried the exact same pumpkin patch. Same traffic, same parking. Only this time, we brought the sturdier stroller.

After walking that long mile to the actual pumpkins, fighting the craziest crowd of people with their radio flyer wagons full of pumpkins, strollers full of babies, and cars weaving around people in the parking lot, we finally made it.

And she still had no interest in cooperating.

Fine, we'll just run around again.

I can't help myself though, I still needed to try for a picture. It's a pumpkin patch people! And this is my daughter, her first Halloween and my favorite time of year!

Yup, WOULD NOT LOOK AT ME. In fact, she would run the opposite way when she saw my camera.

She didn't care too much about the pumpkins either. Basically, she just needed the room to run.

I even tried to get Jas to hold her so I could capture a photo. Notice she's still trying to get away...

So that's it. These are my photos of Quinn and her first pumpkin patch. And to think I was excited she'd be walking at this point.

(Sorry aunt Debbie, no awesome photos this time!)


Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious! So, how far was the patch? Half a block, block?


Sarah and Drew said...

This age is totally a challenge to capture photos, especially keepers! I can't believe you can keep her in shades!

Alexa said...

Addison was the exact same way. No intrest in looking me at or smiling for pics. She just wanted to be held. It was a little rough. Luckily my mom and dad came to help out. My dad ended up with a few good ones.

Madge said...

This is very precious ~ ~

When Quinn is grown you will realize that every picture you take of her is a 'keeper'! Especially the shots where she is doing her 'own' thing.