Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing around in Photoshop

I love Photoshop. I love playing around with all the different techniques and seeing what I can do with each photo. Here are some examples:

Which version do you prefer?

Photo 1: Vintage

Photo 2: Pop of Color

Photo 3: Subtle Color

Photo 4: precious black and white


Anonymous said...

Number 2 I believe.


Angie said...

I love the colors in the 'pop of color' but her eyes stand out so much in the B&W!

maggie said...

i need to learn photoshop! I love the pop of color. so great. but i always love black and white. but can you really go wrong with such a cutie, i don't think so!

Madge said...

Love all the color in #2

Deb said...

Pop of color is my favorite. Great edits, Hil!! Photoshop is so fun {and addicting!!}

Fred and Heather said...

I love the vitage! I want to hang it on my wall.
Where is this at? Do you actually have a floor like this? I don't remember one, and a blue wall? I need to come visit!

Katie said...

pop of color for me

cindylou said...

I can't decide....i love them all. Awesome photograph Hil - you are very talented. Can't wait to see the pics you did of the girls at Papa's party....i know you have been instructed not to share =( Angie said the pics are wonderful.

Love you guys - give that sweet baby girl a hug!
p.s. better watch that little climber! Scary that she got up on that ladder as quick as a wink!