Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look Mom! No Hands!

I finally got around to framing a few photos of Quinn this afternoon. I needed a step ladder to do it. Quinn woke up while I was working on the project so I put her in the highchair and gave her food. As I was cleaning up my mess, Quinn was ready to get down and join me in the living room. I walked out of the room for a very brief moment, only to return to this:

I'm not kidding, it took her less than 10 seconds to climb up here.

After standing there with my jaw wiping the floor, I grabbed her off the ladder. So what did I do next? I grabbed the camera and placed her back on. So I'd have pictures for you of course!

Wow, it only took her 10 seconds to prove what a bad mommy I am. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

That is a little scary. Next she will walking up and down the stairs. Cute little bugger though.


Fred and Heather said...

Wait till you walk in the room and their standing on the kitchen table shakin their booty! Yelling and screaming...it's great. Livin the dream...

Quinny's distant cousin Camden had a similar situation in daycare yesterday...only his ended with an ER visit and 9 stitches. Damn kids...gonna drive me to drink.

Madge said...

Hilary - you are an awesome Mom - no matter how hard Quinn tries to prove you wrong ;)
They can sure be quick - at any age - I think it's to keep you on your toes!

Sarah and Drew said...

It's crazy how quickly they conquer things!