Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grapefest ~ 10 months ~

Have I shared with you yet that Quinn loves books? She loves to "read" and I often find her in her room looking at one of her board books. Quietly, peacefully enjoying the pictures. You know when you realize that it's silent and then start to panic and wonder what the baby is up to? Well, if she's not discovering something new to put into her mouth, then it usually means that she's reading. How cute is that?

Look close, the book is upside down!

Also, she's a HUGE fan of Dora the Explorer right now. I don't want to say that we condone lots of tv watching, but there was a time - before we bought baby gates - that I needed to keep her occupied so I could cook in the kitchen without her under my feet. I discovered that Dora kept her attention. Cool. I DVR'd a few episodes and now when I need just 10 minutes to get something done, I turn on Dora. She squeals everytime. A huge smile spreads across her face and it never fails that she sits right down and looks at Dora. It usually only lasts about 5-10 minutes before she walks away or turns off the tv but that's fine. I don't really want her watching too much anyways.

I also bought her a Dora and the Rainy Day board book that she LOVES! She carries that thing with her all over the place. She often brings it to me so I'll put her on my lap and read to her. Precious!

Sunday we checked out Grapefest in Grapevine. I've wanted to go every year but something always comes up that weekend. It has something to do with all the vineyards around that area and there are lots of wine tastings and other activities. But since we had kiddos and it was early on Sunday, we walked around and checked everything out. Kindel, Matt and their son Alex went with us. The kids loved the small petting "zoo"

Towards the end, we tried out a few of the vendor foods before heading back. It was really hot too. If you look closely, you can probably see the sweat on these poor baby's heads!

Sorry I haven't had too much to update lately. I'm still obsessed with Photoshop. I'm learning to design cards and have been doing A LOT of that lately. I'm also taking some courses online through a training center out of Seattle that is incredible. It has helped me tremendously with both digital cameras and Photoshop. I'm hoping to combine my photography with cards for my clients. I had a photo shoot not too long ago that asked if I provided announcements to go along with the photos. At the time I didn't even know how to make them so I had to turn that business down. Now, I can offer them options!


Madge said...

Quinn is getting so big!! She is just a doll!

Angie said...

Are you starting your own photography business? If so congrats and I wish you the best! I think your photos are fabulous!

Fred and Heather said...

Where can I get those tights?!!! I love them!