Monday, September 7, 2009

~ 10 Months ~

*Posted on facebook was a link to the funniest website I've seen in a long time. I'm still drying the tears from my face. When you get just a moment, check it out. I think this would be fairly safe to view at work.*

So Quinn has hit a tantrum stage. The pediatrician said this was "normal". Whatever, my hair is falling out. The screaming and kicking and throwing things has got to stop. She's usually a stellar sleeper. Both for naps and bedtime. Lately, she's tired but isn't happy no matter if we put her down or let her play. So tonight Jason was out and I figured it was a great time to test a theory. She was super happy during reading time. As soon as I laid her in bed, she screamed. I mean SCREAMED. I knew that everything was fine and figured she just wanted to test her boundaries. So I let her cry it out. For 10 minutes she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Ok, I went in to calm her down and soothe her. As soon as she calmed down, she was happy as can be in my arms. So I told her that it was bedtime and she needed to rest. No sooner had I put her down than she popped up and screamed again. I walked out. Two minutes later it stopped and when I checked on her, she was sound asleep. Granted, she may have passed out. But either way, peacefully asleep.

Earlier today Jason was on the floor with her in the living room. She was playing with different toys and I don't think either of us was paying full attention to her. I walked past her and noticed her chewing on something I didn't recognize. I looked closer and saw it looked like a form of gel. From what?! Jason! What is Quinn chewing on?! Oh my gosh, help me get this out of her mouth, what the heck, where did it come from, is it poisonous?! AAAAAHHHHHH. So I get it out of her mouth and it's a gel/beads "thingy". It's clearish/whitish and we are stumped. Then it hit me. What gel-like substance do I feel everyday? Her diaper! Oh for the love, Quinn was chewing on her wet diaper. We still have no idea how she tore it or why she wanted to eat her wet diaper. But good grief.

Also in update news, we bought her some new fitted shoes this weekend. Two pairs from Stride Rite. Grapevine Mills has an outlet mall and we scored some pretty decent deals. She now has a pair of brown tennis shoes for all that walking that she's doing. She also has a cute pair of pearl white shoes that should fit sometime in 2010.

And she turned 10 months on Saturday! What a big girl. I'll have to work on some 10 month pictures now. I have a few ideas....


Anonymous said...

The joys and heartaches of being a parent. You were right, she is testing her boundaries and what she can and cannot get away with. Good job stopping that. Can't wait for some pictures, love you all.


Angie said...

Oh my....laughter not stopping over the diaper incident.... so sorry.. but it's really funny.. in a really gross kinda way!!!

Madge said...

Thanks for the walmart link - that was hilarious!
Can you believe that Quinn is just two short months away from being a whole year old???? WOW!
Reason this is a WOW factor - that means Liam will soon be following . . . unbelievable!
You know you are getting older when time just seems to fly by!
Love ya!

Fred and Heather said...

Great job mommy! I'm proud of you, "crying it out" is not popular or easy to deal with but we did the same. As Wyatt got older we went through these phases. Would usually last a week or two, he would cry (we'd let him go 20-30 minutes the older he got) then we'd go up, give him a kiss, say goodnight and put him right back down. It's difficult but paid off and we have a great sleeper. As for the diaper...my kids eat dog food and a co-worker said both of her kids were on heartworm meds after they ate dog poop...so it can always be worse! :) love you.