Saturday, August 8, 2009

We Have a New Computer!

For the love, this computer is BEAUTIFUL! The pictures are clearer, crisper, prettier...more heavenly (?)

I was sitting in the living room waiting for FedEx this morning. Jas teased me but I just couldn't even think about anything else! I have been without decent internet and computer for weeks and the shipment notification (looked up on Jason's phone) estimated delivery for today.

My eyes kept shifting to the front door. Every time I heard a truck drive by I jumped up and looked out. It didn't take long though before I saw a box being put by the front door. I ran to it, opened the door, scared the crap out of the FedEx guy, and started jumping up and down. He gave me a big grin and asked if I had been waiting for it, kind of laughing as he said it. I told him yes, I've been waiting for awhile.

So here we are, after a couple hours of rearranging the guest bedroom/office and trying to figure out how to fit this GINORMOUS screen on our desk, we're plugged in and ready to go! Whoo hoo!

When we get the office cleaned up and some other stuff situated, I have lots to catch up on. Including some blog postings with pictures!

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