Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

I hadn't really intended on taking pictures today. We went for a drive this afternoon, and I do mean high noon, to check out a few locales for future shoots. We found this area at one of the marina's on Grapevine Lake. It's very pretty with some great background scenes. I had the balloons in the car and she was looking so cute that I thought, heck, why not?

After blowing up the balloon, my face dropped and I just stared at it. Why isn't it floating? I guess helium is the only thing to make this stupid thing fly (?). I tried it anyways, hoping the wind would pick it up and fly it high as if it were a kite, or something...

So Quinn is sitting on this hill, the sun is blaring in her sweet little eyes with the high noon sun and she is holding onto the saddest balloon ever. It makes me laugh. I can't help it, it's funny.

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Sarah and Drew said...

These pics totally look like they belong in some AD campaign. I'm not sure which one, but they belong somewhere! And I love the ones below. On another photography note, I was watching some pageant show on the WE network today which is a bizarrish lifestyle. But you did pop in my mind b/c isn't Texas big business for all those princesses? Maybe you could do glam head shots on the side! I know you're saying Ugh, but at least you were in my thoughts!! :)