Thursday, August 13, 2009

She's Starting to Talk! ~ 9 months ~

We were messing around and I needed to check some lighting. I had a black background set up but what you see here is actually her stroller. It seems that when you photograph a crawler by yourself, it's very difficult to keep them on the backdrop. At least not long enough for you to set them how you want them and scramble back to your camera and set up the shot. So I stuck her in the stroller and went with it. She's still a cutie!

In other news, Quinn has discovered babbling. Is that what it's called? Just the other day I was mentioning to Jas that she doesn't seem to talk very much. I read articles that claim babies this age are starting to gab but Quinn seems kind of quiet to me. I don't have much to compare it to though. Well, I filmed her gabbing to her reflection this afternoon. It's on the good camera and the file is large so it won't be posted on here. But I'll try to get her again with the smaller camera.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful young lady!


kristy said...

Green is such a pretty color on Quinn! And her eyes are amazing!

cindylou said...

LOVE the pictures Hil - of course you have an amazing subject! SO precious. Miss you guys!