Thursday, August 20, 2009

If You've Ever Wondered How Our Sessions Go....

Quinn, look at the pretty flower! Can you grab the flower and hold it so mommy can take a picture?

Yeah baby, hold the flower and smile for me. Oh wait, turn the flower over okay honey?

No sweety, the flower doesn't go in your mouth. I need you to hold the flower right side up so mommy can take a picture. Baby, get the stem out of your mouth. Seriously, QUINN, TAKE THE FLOWER OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!

Fine, forget it. I give up

Where do you think you're going?! I'm not done yet!


Anonymous said...

Seriously, this blog is great entertainment. Please make sure you save all of these for when Quinn can enjoy them, it is a great history of her growth and maturity.


Cheryl said...

These were great and they made me laugh!

Madge said...

You have the right idea, Hilary - never lose your sense of humor.

Love the pictures and the blog - very entertaining!!

Angie said...

Too funny! I had no problem imagining your voice saying those things!!!

Sarah and Drew said...

these really are superb!