Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last of the Computer Problems

I'm trying to write this quickly so that the computer doesn't kick me off....again. I've been working on it for 1 1/2 hours and I've already had to restart it 5 times. I'm not kidding or exaggerating. Good news is, we've ordered a new computer. And a Mac at that! But it won't be ready until later in the week, as late as the 12th. So if this is the last post you see from me for the next week, it's because I've taken a bat to the computer and officially beaten the crap out of it and am waiting for a usable computer.

I've also tried to respond to many emails over the past week but the computer won't send the email or shuts down while I'm writing. So if you've asked me something or am waiting for a response and wondering why I've been so rude, that's why. I don't know why it's letting me write this blog other than the prayers asking for me to do this one last thing, but I'm lucky just to get this posted. I'm debating heading over to the library just to use one of their computers. Ugh, I am not cut out for this ghetto lifestyle.

Quinn is great. She still needs the inhaler but some days she doesn't use it at all. She's getting to a point where she doesn't fight me either, that's a blessing. Plus, she's at a really fun age right now. Jas and I love to crawl away from her and hide, have her try to find us. She smiles really big when she finds us and sometimes laughs. She's a pretty fast crawler. Jas tried to crawl away from her the other day and she zoomed by him. That was pretty funny. Darn kneecaps!

Hope you're all well and someday we'll communicate again!

P.S. you can still send me emails and I can sort of check them from my phone (my 3 year old phone that doesn't even have a camera on it. But miraculously, if service comes through clear enough I can check email!) If you want a super quick response, text me. I'm great at texting!

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