Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey You! Parent to a Young One!

Quinn is growing beautifully. She's getting more muscular (we think she has some awesome biceps), leaner and taller. And because of this, we need to upgrade to a new convertible car seat!

She is 1/2 pound under the weight limit for her current car seat and although I haven't measured her length in awhile (her 9 month appointment is friday and they'll tell us then), I'm pretty sure this pumpkin is longer than 29".

Jas and I are eyeballing the Britax Roundabout 50 (one of the "cow print" seats). Well, Jas doesn't care for the cow print, I think it's fun. I've done some research online and it's highly rated. It goes to 50 pounds maximum weight (35 rearfacing). I don't have experience in this but I'm going to guess that by 50 pounds, she'll be tall enough for a booster. Am I mistaken or right on track? Anywho, opinions?

If you know that this product is no bueno or if you have a carseat that you absolutely love for xyz reasons, leave me a comment! Let me know what you have to say in the matter. I particularly love the pricepoint of this seat, for a Britax anyways. AND! We have a 10% coupon at BabiesRUs which drops it another $20. Not too shabby.

Okay, bring it on! What carseat do you have and do you recommend?



maggie said...

we got a britax for evie and we LOVE it! we got the one that worked until she was 50 lbs also. she is now 40ish and is in a booster. so you are totally on track with that thinking. i have friends that got other boosters and their child is to big for the carseat but not big enough for a booster yet. that was one of the main reason we went with the britax becasue we didn't want to have to buy to carseats before she was big enough for a booster. i completely recommend the britax. i don't think you can go wrong with it. I'm with you the cow print is fun!

the zucchini was great. we shredded that big boy up also we can enjoy it through out the winter in bread and cakes! ;)

Kristi said...

Hey there!

I obviously can't speak from experience, but I have a dear friend (who is a little obsessive when it comes to baby items), and she has this same carseat. Believe me...she did her research and the fact that she bought the Britax is a HUGE endorsement of that product!

;) Kristi

Anonymous said...

Hey Hil!
Britax is great. We got the Boulevard for Jade (it was on sale!), and it is great. Good luck!

Fred and Heather said...

We bought the boulevard for Bella and I love it. It's pretty big so can be alittle bit of a handful while she's still on the smaller side. But so far I'm very happy! It has "true side" protection which I like and is fairly easy to install so I can't complain.